9 Authentic looking Mistborn Cloaks

Want to play dress up and want to look like your favorite characters from the Mistborn series? You are in the right place because in this list you can find Mistborn cloaks that are perfect for your little fangirl/ fanboy heart. These cloaks can also make for seriously cool Mistborn gifts. Along with these cloaks, you can also gift Mistborn phone cases, Mistborn posters, and other merchandise to become the coolest friend there ever was.

1. LuckyMjmy Velvet Cloak Cape Lined with Satin

Want to cosplay as your favorite characters from the Mistborn series? Well, look no further than this LuckyMjmy Velvet Cloak. It will not only give you an authentic look but will also add something extra to your look. This Cloak is made of high quality material that is 50% velvet and 50% satin which makes it extremely comfortable. So you will not only embody the character but also be warn wearing it. Furthermore, the inside is lined with satin that is reversible and gives a lush look to your cloak. To make this cloak more like the Mistborn cloaks, you can cut up the cloak in strips from the bottom up. After that, to give the cloth more of the look described in the book, you can burn the edges. This will give more of an authentic look. This cape also has a hoof which can give you more of a mysterious look with all the flare you want.

2. Colorful House Unisex Full Length Hooded Cloak

A mistcloak is a cloak that is worn by Mistborns when they travel through the mist. It allows them to hide their figure so that they are not seen by others. The way Brandon Sanderson describes this article of clothing makes it sounds extremely cool and unique and makes all the fans want to own one. However, it is not hard to own one, just get this colorful house full-length hooded cape, a pair of scissors and you can make the Mistborn cloak yourself! This cloak is made of high quality material that is perfect for your cosplay fantasies. It comes in a single size and is 150 cm long and also has a hood that you can tie at the neck. To make it look like how it is described in the books. Cut strips into the long falling materials and sew them together for a neater look or you can leave them like that to give a mist-like look. On the front, you can attach fastening to help give it a more authentic look.

3. VGLOOK Hooded Cloak 

Looking like a character straight out of your favorite book is every reader’s dream but what if you could achieve that dream? If your favorite book series is the Mistborn series and you want one of those mistcloaks then know that they are very easy to make. All you need is this VGLOOK Hooded cloak, some scissors, and time. This hooded cloak is made of high quality material that will be perfect. This if you wan tt o make a costume that will last you a long time. It comes in one size that is around 150 cm or 59 inches long. Furthermore, it also has a hood that is a necessary feature in a mistcloak. To make this normal cloak look more like the ones described by Brandon Sanderson, cut up the length of the cloak in strips. You can also burn the edges to give more of a used cloak look or just sew up the edges. You can also add clasps at the front that will allow you to close the front of the cloak and be invisible to others.

4. Forum Novelties -Midnight Cloak

Every fan of the Mistborn series wants a mistcloak. That s a fact. However, won’t it be cool if yours looked different from everyone else’s? That is where this Forum Novelties Cloak comes in. It is made of 100% polyester and is a full-length black cloak that also has a closure on it. The cloak is lined with velvet and has a gorgeous black brocade pattern overlay that will allow your mistcloak to be unique. To make this albeit normal-looking cloak more like a mistcloak all you have to do is get a pair of scissors and cut it lengthwise. This will allow it to take shape of the ones described in the books. As this cloak does not have a closure, you can add a few to make sure that it closes in the front. These adjustments will make your cloak look just like the ‘real’ thing. Just with a bit more flair.

5. Diffly 59″ Velvet Hooded Cape Unisex

A mistcloak is a must-have for every Mistborn fan out there. It is no secret. Just ask anyone who has read the books! With a bit of adjusting you can many cloaks like this Diffly’s one look like the real deal. This cloak by Diffly is made of high quality velvet that is smooth and soft. Furthermore, it is skin-friendly and a delight to wear and touch owing to its soft feel. It has a large variety of colors to choose from but if you want to go for the real deal, a black one would do. It is 59 inches long from the collar to the hem meaning it would fit those who are tall. This cloak also has a hood which adds to the design. To make it more like a mistcloak, grab your scissors and get to cutting. Just cut up the cloak from the bottom up to where the hood starts. Then add metal claps at the front to act as closures to make it look more authentic. You can leave the cut strips as is or sew them up for a neater look. It is all up to you!

6. futurino Women Gothic Hooded Cloak

Mistborn cloaks have a unique look and while they aren’t widely available on the market (what a pity), you can very easily make them at home using this Futurino Women Gothic Hooded Poncho Cape Cloak. It is made of high quality material that is simple and stylish. Furthermore, it has a chic finishing touch and is also made to keep you warm which will be a bonus if you plan to wear your mist cloak outside. It has a split front that you can easily modify to look like the mistcloaks described in the books by Brandon Sanderson. To make this coat look more authentic to the details, get a pair of scissors and cut it lengthwise to the hood. This will give it a shredded look. You can sew the strips of fabric to make them neater or burn the edges to have them more mist-like. You can also attach buttons to the front. This will allow you to close the cloak like a real mistcloak.

7. Fafcitvz 66.9inch Unisex Full Length Hooded Cloak 

Want to cosplay as your favorite characters from Mistborn? All you need is a good cloak, a pair of scissors, and your dedication. This Fafcitivz Unisex Full-length cloak is the perfect place to start. It is made of high quality velvet that is smooth to the touch and also very comfortable to wear. It is also designed to cater to tall people. It measures 66.9 inches, not including the hood. This means that it is tall enough to drape on the ground and you that aura of mystery that comes along with wearing a mistcloak. To make this relatively normal-looking cloak more like the ones described in the Mistborn series, you will need to make some alterations. By cutting the look lengthwise from the seams up, you can get the look described by Brandon Sanderson. Adding a few closures to the front can also accentuate the look further and make it look even more authentic. When wearing your final product, you will look like you just came out of the books..

8. Apiidoo Full Length Deluxe Velvet Hooded Cloak 

In the Mistborn series, the mistcloaks are described as something that the Mistborn wear when they are traveling through the mist. So automatically, all the fans want something like this so they can pretend to be their favorite characters from their beloved series. While getting the real mistcloak might be a bit hard, customizing one for yourself is extremely easy. All you need is a good quality cloak like this one by Apiido. It is made of high quality velvet that is comfortable to wear. It is 43 inches long and also has a hood that will make this costume even more believable and authentic. To make it more like the ones described in the books, all you have to do is cut tassels or strips along the length of the cloak leaving the hood intact. Furthermore, you can add closures to the front of the cape to have it secured at the front. With a bit of DIY, you can have a mistcloak of your own!

9. Mistcloak-Mistborn Cloak

In these times with such creative people in the world, finding a good costume that is accurate to the books is not hard. Need a mistcloak to live out your Mistborn fantasies? This Mistborn cloak is exactly what you need. It captures the essence of what Brandon Sanderson was trying to portray in his novels and does so in a beautiful Grey fleece. You can also get it customized in different colors like dark gray, black or white. Furthermore, it also has wooden buttons on it that make it look authentic and high quality. It has two rows of tassels that help male the cloak look more enveloping and high quality. The tassels that are the main part of the cloak start a few inches off the shoulder and there is also a fastening at the neck that gives the cloak a more structured look. With adjustable length, you can’t be too short or long for this cloak.

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