15 Cool Stormlight Archive Art Prints

Art prints are the top priority when talking of customized items from a book or movie series. Stormlight Archive, the famous epic fantasy book series has millions of fans out there who are always in search of the character and symbol art prints for their rooms and lockers. Here we have collected some exquisite art prints from the Stormlight Archive series for all the fans.

1. Macknessfr The Stormlight Archive Double Eye and Swords Symbol Sweat Wall Art Print

This super cool wall art print has a customized symbol from the Stormlight Archive series printed in vibrant shades of blue on a white background. The double eye and sword is among the many famed symbols of this series. The art print is available in two sizes; 17 by 22 inches and 24 by 31 inches. this gloss poster is printed on a high-quality 200gsm paper.

2. Michael Whelan SHALLAN

This aesthetic art print designed by Michael Whelan portrays the lead character of the Stormlight Archive series, Shallan Davar. Has a white border for framing and is signed in pencil. The poster is printed on quality paper in energetic tones. It can make a cool gift as well as perfect to put up in your bedroom, hallway, dorm room, or anywhere.

3. Michael Whelan Words of Radiance

Here is another fantastic wall art print from the Michael Whelan studios. The poster displays a scene from the epic fantasy novel “Words of Radiance” which is the second book of the Stormlight Archive series. All Stormlight fans will love to animate and enliven their walls with this spirited piece of art. It is available in 20 by 30 inches dimensions.

4. Michael Whelan The Way of Kings

The Way of Kings is the first book of the Stormlight Archive series. Here is an art print illustrating a view from the book. Coming from the famous Whelan studios this art print is also worth your money like other Michael Whelan art prints. The print dimensions are 20 by 33 inches and are printed on fine quality paper. It has a white border signed in pencil.

5. Stormlight archive shattered plains Kaladin

These are some great pieces of art that beautifully illustrate the views of shatter planes described in the Stormlight Archive books. There are four art prints; the three moons, the man and the spern, the tower, and Narak. The great news is that you can order a three or four print combo or an individual piece as per your choice. The digital print has clear bright colors on matte satin paper. Available in large (A3 approx.) 25.5×36.5 cm and medium (A4 approx.) 25.5×29.5 cm sizes.

6. THE WHOLE SET – Roshar Stormlight Archive Vintage Travel Prints

This is a set of digital art prints of the Roshar world where the story of Stormlight Archive books is set. There are three prints in total; a Purelake-North Central Roshar, a Urithiru-City of Radiants, and a Horneater-Peaks. You can download all three art prints for just fifteen dollars. These vintage-style travel prints will be beautiful customization for the fans. You can download the digital prints as a 3PDF file. Height and width are 24 inches and 18 inches respectively.

7. Spren, Fanart, Fantasy Illustration

This is a hand-painted art illustration of the spern pattern from the Stormlight Archive series. The illustration is inspired by the spern depictions in the books. This art print will look exquisite on your wall and can make a unique gift for a fan. Fourteen inches in height and eleven inches in width. You can choose a normal or a holographic coating as well.

8. Mistborn Vin – Mistborn – Cosmere – Stormlight Archive – Foil Art Print

Here is another great art print for the Stormlight Archive fans from the Mistborn theme. These laminated handmade foil prints come with a shiny finish. The cardstock colors can be white or black and for the primary colors you can choose from gold, red, rose gold, teal, and holographic. High-quality cardstock and foil are used in the prints. Dimensions are as follows; 11 inches in height, 8.5 inches in width, and 1 cm in depth.

9. Kaladin Stormblessed Art Print, Stormlight Archive Brandon Sanderson, Fantasy Fanart Wall Decor

Kaladin Stormblessed, one of the most loved and lead characters from The Stormlight Archive series is available in an exquisite and glamorous art print. There are two versions for this print one with a brown-eyed Kaladin with the mischievous Syl distracting him by his side. The other version features the sparkling blue-eyed Kaladin at the moment when Syl has been summoned. You can choose different dimensions for both versions. The print is procreated and handmade. Printed on a sixty lb.  polar matte paper.

10. Santhid, Fanart, Fan Art, Fantasy Art, Fantasy Illustration

Santhid is among the many mysterious creatures described in the Stormlight Archive books. This art print illustrates the creature with quite precision. Handmade and cool looking print for all the fans out Santhid is among the many mysterious creatures described in the Stormlight Archive books. This art print illustrates the creature with quite precision. A unique addition to all the fan collections out there.  Available dimension is fourteen inches in height and eleven inches in width. You can choose either a normal or a holographic finish.

11. First Ideal of the Knights Radiant Art Print

The Knights Radiant fans will love to have this customized art print from the Stormlight Archive book series. The art illustrates a curled banner with the first ideal of the Knights Radiant written on it; “Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination”.  The print comes on a high quality 100% pure cotton paper. You can choose from three custom sizes, small, medium, and large.

12. First Ideal of the Knight’s Radiant Art Print

Quite similar to the previous one this art print also depicts the First ideal of the Knights Radiant. However, there is the addition of the symbol in the quote background. The paper is used is 100% pure cotton paper with a light and attractive texture to it. The gallery grade prints are available in three sizes.

13. Brige 4 – Stormlight Art Print

Fandom talks have often revealed the liking for the infamous bridge crew in the Stormlight Archive books. The art print has a picture of bridge four with the title written in a cool font. The background is jet black with white illustrations. Options are available for different dimensions. Includes a 1–2-inch white border. Printed on a high-quality pure cotton paper.

14. Kaladin Stormblessed Metal Print

Kaladin Stormblessed fans cannot have better-customized art for their walls. It’s a highly glamorous and exquisite metal print depicting Kaladin with hi sword. The material is lightweight aluminum with softly rounded edges. you can choose a glossy finish with bright colors and brilliant details or a satin finish for a soft, smooth, and anti-glare look. Comes with a back mount fixture and is easy to wipe.

15. Lightweaver – Stormlight Archive Art Print

Lightweavers are from the famous ten orders of the Knights Radiants in the Stormlight Archive series. The art print illustrates Shallan Davar who is among the Lightweavers. The print has a misty image with a slightly bright color to Shallan’s hair. Mounted on your wall the print will look great in any setting. Options are available for dimensions. Printed on a high-quality light-textured and cotton paper.

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