Black Magic Spells – For beginners

black magic spells
black magic spells

Black Magic is a dark art that like any other field can be learned and applied. But the requirements to enter and advance in this field are enormous especially on the psychological level.

One of these psychological issues is the stigma associated with Black Magic and in-fact any type of magic at all. Most societies and people tend to look down upon the whole concepts of witchcraft, wizardry, magic and anything supernatural at all.

But my focus here isn’t to prove that Black Magic (and magic as a whole) is real, that is left for a later time. Here I will tell you a few secret (and very old) Black Magic Spells that I have personally used, they can be done by any determined and motivated beginner in the field of Magic. These spells are from yet undisclosed and ancient realms, the strength of any Black Magic is with it’s secrecy and as a learner of the secret arts I cannot disclose all information but I was given permission to share these beginner level spells.

  1. Black Magic Love Spell – 5 steps (Beginner level)
  2. An Ancient Black Magic Trick To Increase Your Luck – 4 simple steps Charm
  3. An easy Black Magic trick to attract people – 8 simple steps

That is all for now, I will try to find more spells and add them to this list later on.

You should be aware black magic isn’t something to play with and if you aren’t strong enough you may not be able to deal with the consequences. Perform these spells at your own risk.


  1. Great thought is a big cause of a big change so keep showing your thoughts in your blogs.
    Your blogs are admirable and full of knowledge. You have shared some very valuable black magic spells here… others are even charging money to perform these or similar spells!

    • Thank you !
      I am a seeker of magic and my aim is to create awareness of magic in this world. Some spell casters are making a living using the spells of magic and I see no harm in that.

  2. I know the associations with “black” magic aren’t always good when in most cases it actually isn’t but of course it is still useful! It’s all about how it is applied. AS always though, we should use what suits us best and not go out of your comfort zone. Thanks for the info!

  3. I have your attraction technique, it was a good practice for improving meditation and concentration, not sure though as to whether people can be attracted too.

  4. i believe in black magic…performed many spells as well,…bt i waana ensure dat yr tricks work too…
    so gve somethng…which csn b visualised…
    n i can surely increase ur mana…
    cuz yu knw yu r violatin d rules of dark arts here…
    nd uf yu r a true practisr.,. i ll guide yu To unbelievable power…nd yu urself will b source to it..
    jst yu need 2 do is put a real one spell…
    whuz result is visible at d rght place…as fr beginners it cud b levitatin spell…
    al d best

  5. Darkest greetings. For many years i have walked the wiccen path. White magick is okey but i think the time has come for me to explore other paths. Please guide me to web pages where i can get detailed information for beginers. I am very serious about practising the dark arts now…please advise. Kind regards…the seeker

  6. I have been hurt by a few dishonest persons and I want them to pay back for what they have done to me andy life .I need to revenge ……I want to stop them from hurting me again .I need a black magic to take them away from my life.

  7. in my country greece we are fullo f spells ,black.alot of people are harmed

  8. I want to become a sorcerer and I want to have magic.. Please, any help?

  9. what is this u leVE EVERY TOPIC INCOMPLETE WHERE R THE Bsic spells that u were talking ….

  10. Please teach me i really want to know everything about witchraft or wizard

  11. i really don’t know what to do my life is a living hell please help me i don’t know how to do magic i really need help

  12. i would to be a millionare

  13. Big beliver of spiritual s but scared of practising magic with in me to solve my family problems

  14. can you teach me how to use the simple black magic technique to attract people with you eyes ….plsss i wan’t that magic

  15. i want to learn black magic i have been having problem with my spell i have been imto magic from the begining of this year but can’t cast a spell even the most simple spell i can’t cast i don’t know if i don’t belong but i know and believe one day i will make it please i need your advice

  16. i wanna learn black magic

  17. “Black magic” is it real? Couz i believe in Jesus n i know dat he can do any type of magic(u can name it) black magic can take u 2 hell(lucifer)

  18. I want to have magic power to bring everything I want.

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