How Can You Get Good Luck – Simple trick

how can you get good uckLuck is the framework that tells nature to follow a certain path for you and everyone has a different framework, hence a different luck. But nature is unaware of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ luck, it sees different patterns in the framework.

It is we humans that have classified luck either as being good or bad depending upon our own ambitions, requirements and circumstances.

So can a person be extremely unlucky (having lots of ‘bad’ luck) and another be extremely lucky (having lots of ‘good’ luck)? And wouldn’t that be unfair on part of nature (shouldn’t there be more uniformity and equality)? The answer is yes it is possible and no it is not unfair on nature’s part either as nature does not know.

Now the question is “How can you get good luck ?”

Most of us have heard and some might have even tried influencing our luck by means of amulets, talismans, luck charms, queen’s noses, clover leaves and rabbit’s foot. Perhaps it actually is possible to influence our luck by such supernatural means, the reason being luck is a framework and such a framework can definitely be effected if we have the right means, since science currently is unable to effect such a framework it is possible that supernatural forces might be able to effect it.

In my quests I discovered a secrete ancient technique of black magic which is very simple and only at a beginners level that can increase your luck, I have written it here

Another question is, “Can such manipulation of one’s luck have detrimental effects ?”

It can but most probably doesn’t have adverse effects because we have only changed the shape of a framework among billions of others, that shouldn’t disturb the balance of nature. But somethings we never know.


  1. Liar u just trying to get ppl to buy your book

  2. if i were to learn magic properly if possible. how would i do so? is there a person i can talk to to learn how to control supernatural powers? i’ve been bored with my normal life and am interested into learning some type of sorcery that would make things more interesting

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