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Voodoo dolls can be used for a variety of purposes, a vodouist can use them as a means to worship  or to protect against evil spirits and a black magic wizard can use them for black magic spells like control over another person and spirit possession. For more on that read Voodoo Dolls and Black Magic – How it works

Whatever your motives here I will show you 4 easy steps to creating your own Voodoo doll using simple household and scrap material.

  1. Gather the following materials: Two long wooden sticks, dead grass and/or leaves, a thread roll, some glue (optional), a needle (optional), some pieces of cloth (optional), buttons or beads.
  2. Now use the two sticks as the skeleton, the longer one would represent the body, head and legs (the vertical structures) and the shorter will of-coarse be the arms. Stick the together (using glue or thread) to make a cross.
  3. Cover all of this with dead grass and/or leaves (this is the bulk of the body), fix them to the skeleton using a thread to roll around them and apply glue for additional strength (optional). You can stuff the top of the longer stick more to give it more of a head like appearance.
  4. Use a needle or glue to attach the beads or buttons to form the eyes and mouth on the head area and use the pieces of cloth to dress the doll. Note it is preferable to use belongings of the person (i.e buttons, beads or cloth) to dress the doll if you are going to use it for Voodoo Black magic.

Even birds who are a thousand times less creative and intelligent than humans can form complex structures like nests, believe in yourself this can be done.

That is all, you have your very own Voodoo doll!

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