How to practice black magic – Tips

Seal of solomonBlack magic is an art and like any art it comes with practice. I am not going to go into the details of whether it is ethical or safe to be practicing black magic or whether black magic works or not, these are topics left for later discussion.

Here I will tell you some tips on how to start practicing black magic and how to improve your black magic abilities if you are already into the art.

Know the basics first

  • Black magic isn’t a field of science and neither is it a religion, it doesn’t follow a set of fixed laws or doctrines.
  • In black magic we try to call upon supernatural forces and request them or force them to help us (depending upon the user)
  • You should know and search for the names of demons, angels, spirits, djinn, gods or whomever you would like to call upon
  • And should try to find the Sigils or Symbols of those supernatural entities you would like to call upon
  • Learn about Seals (like the seals of King Solomon who ruled over spirits and djinn)

Tips to improve your skills

  • Practice meditation as this will help improve your communication with other world entities.Try this dot watching technique to improve concentration and meditation.
  • Learn some basic spells and practice them repeatedly. I have compiled few beginner level spell tutorials here: Black magic spells for beginners
  • Broaden your perspective, try thinking out of the box. Try solving puzzles that will help.
  • Dig into the history and origins of magic and black magic
  • Increase your will power
  • Increase your power to believe in things
  • Indulge into related fields such as Astrology, Tarot reading, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, Telepathy, White magic, Spirituality and Remote viewing etc.

The fundamental rule to improve and be successful is of-coarse practice and patience.



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  4. I am a witch. I love my Gods and I dwell within the power of the entities. I know what I’ve seen. Thanks for supporting…

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