Trees are brought down by curse magic – in Solomon Islands of the Pacific

Image According to some reports in the Solomon Islands of the pacific the islanders practice a special form of curse magic. If a tree needs to be cut down and it is too big to be chopped down, it is brought down by the combined efforts of the Islanders cursing negatively and yelling at the tree. This negative energy somehow damages the tree’s life energy the result being after about 30 days of getting cursed the tree dies off and falls to the ground!


  1. It is very interesting to read this but it seems a rather far fetched idea that trees could be affected at all, let alone be drained of life just by people yelling at them.

    • This is not an act of simple yelling, the villagers curse the tree for 30 days and that is a lot of negative energy for anything to bear, so the tree eventually can’t withstand it and dies off.
      Anyway as with all types of magic it is mostly in-understandable the logic or science behind it but that does not necessarily imply that fault is with the information or the magic itself, perhaps there are things we yet can’t understand.

  2. Funny I read this today. I had for hangings dying this winter and so it has been having to all the rest of the hangings in past few years. My daughter looked at them and said ‘poor trees please don’t die, I love you.’ And for the first time in winter, I not changing the plants from the pot. Every say my five year old touches it lightly and says I love to trees and goodbye when she leaves. They are really beautiful now

  3. Whether it is true or not, what is true is that trees need love and care rather than leaving them uncared which is just like cursing them.

  4. Nature magic rules .

  5. There is actually power in declaration…like what the villagers do to a tree..they utter negative things so it happened.this is true also in life..if you keep on declaring or saying negative then it will come to pass…try declaring positive things then positive things will come.

  6. The tongue can bring death or life,
    those who love to talk will reap the consequences.
    -Proverbs 18:21

  7. nikhil anil shirgave
    nikhil anil shirgave

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    • It cannot be said that the curse killed the tree as being assumed in this thread. For all things alive shall die at their own time. The fact that death of the tree followed the curse does not mean one caused the other. Correlation of events does not suggest causality

    • One of the laws of the universe is the law of expectation. If the circles of applied psychiatry and medical psychology, people are more familiar with “Pygmalion effect” This is the answer to your question.

  8. Aamir Khan mentioned this on his movie Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth). I really love this movie it really moved me.

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