Telekinesis Spell – 9 Steps you can learn to get real telekinetic powers

By following these 9 steps even a normal person may be able to perform telekinesis (aka psychokinesis). The simplified steps are given below followed by an explanation. I have also given proof of real life people being able to control objects with their mind power, this is confirmed in the video at the end of the post. These 9 steps have to be completed in the given order:

  1. Understand that telekinesis is possible in the physical world we live in
  2. As it is possible, you have to believe with full commitment that you are able to do this as well
  3. Train your mind to enter into the state of being
  4. In being, feel the soul of everything
  5. Your soul is part of the whole
  6. The soul of other things is also part of the whole
  7. There is a transcendental connection between you and the world
  8. There are remnants of this connection in the manifest material world
  9. If you generate enough willpower and intention these would become manifest (and the object will move in the material world)


1. Understand that telekinesis is possible

This is the first barrier and most of the world is unable to pass this. This is because of the fundamentalism of material science which attempts to dismiss such phenomenon when they do not align with their own presuppositions. In order to pass the first step one has to look at the world in a more holistic manner. This step is in fact not that difficult because the only thing we need to do is look at the evidence, that is be more scientific and reject scientific fundamentalism. The evidence can be found from scientific research such as that done by the Rhine institute on extra-sensory perception. There are millions of anecdotal reports of such phenomena and multiple well documented objective cases from history.

2. Believe with full commitment you can do it

With the understanding of such possibility should drive a strong belief of this being a reality and since it is a reality, there is nothing to stop anyone from doing such feats. Full commitment is needed as any shadows of doubt will weaken your resolve and willpower to perform.

3. Train your mind to enter into the state of being

This step is probably the most difficult one to achieve initially. What it means is difficult to describe in words and would best be understood when experienced. What being means is to be in a state of flow with the present, to feel within it rather than leaning towards the future which is how most of us spend our life. It is to experience your state of being without thinking but with a breadth of sense. Training helps to expand this breadth, you do not need to concentrate as you are not thinking in fact you shouldn’t be distracted by thinking.

Such a state does not need any specific training, what many believe is whenever someone becomes masterful at anything he reaches a state of flow with it that transcends the material world and they reach this state of being with it.

4. Feel the soul of everything

This follows on from the previous step, where in this trance state you can feel things even those that are not nearby. Rather than the normal sight, smell, touch, sound etc perception of other things you can feel them at a deeper level, the level of their soul.

5. Your soul is part of the whole

Now focus on yourself as well, you are no longer a separate individual entity. There is no sense of time or space in this state, hence there are no separates, there is only one wholeness and you are also part of that whole.

6. The soul of other things is also part of the whole

There is a growing realisation that the souls of other objects which you feel are in fact not other separate objects either, they are part of this wholeness as well. In lay terms this is sometimes explained  eloquently by the phrase “you are the object and the object is you”.

 7. Transcendental connection

By now it starts to become clear that as everything including yourself and other objects are actually parts of the same whole, they are connected. This connection can be exemplified by the physical phenomena of ‘entanglement’, however this is just another concept used to aid our material understanding and hence when looked through that lens appears counter-intuitive.

8. There are remnants in the material world

Sometimes we confuse ourselves by distinguishing the real and the transcendental as two separate spheres, however as we already discussed there is no separation in reality, the separation is illusory. Going back to ‘entanglement’ we can see that even with a physical/ material understanding, everything is connected in a magical way.

9. Moving objects with willpower

This is probably the most difficult step to achieve overall. It is much easier to move very small objects telekinetically that is because what you want to do is influence those objects using your own connection of being part of their soul however you are not the only influencer acting on them, the object has similar connection with others beings, with other objects and also with laws of the material world.

It is like trying to swim upstream, if the flow is light it becomes easier and nearly impossible with heavier flows.
Despite this there have been well recorded cases where gifted people have shown to move relatively large objects just with their psychokinetic abilities.

By going through this process step by step their is nothing to stop you from achieving the power of telekinesis.

Here is one example of a Russian lady by the name of Nina Kulagina with extra-ordinary telekinetic powers, she was observed and filmed under scientific laboratory conditions by real life scientists and yet no one was able to scientifically explain what was observed:

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