A Powerful White Magic Spell to gain Money – Old Secrets Revealed

This is a safe, no-risk white magic money spell that you can easily perform. No ingredients, no complicated rituals and no prior understanding of magic is needed. There are other spells to attract money however most of them require more preparation, meditation or involve some amount of risk.



This money spell is ingenious in that the magic has been concentrated into a simple chant which can be cast just by saying it in a particular way. Here I am sharing one of these concealed white magic money spells for free.

For this spell to work all you have to do is chant these three magical words which are in Latin:

“benedicat mihi divitiis”

The words translate to: “Bless me wealth”.

The best way to perform this spell is to wake up early morning when the full sun is shining its first light (not early dawn when the sun is still appearing), the time will depend on your local time zone and latitude, however, there is not much strictness to the exact time anyway, as long as the full sun is out and it’s morning time it should work fine. Stand in a place where the light can hit your face, clouds would hinder this so it’s best done on clear days. Keep your eyes closed and slowly repeat those four words 12 times. This will send a lot of positive energy to the universe and as a result, you should start seeing the desired results. You should do this for 12 consecutive days to complete the full spell. That is it you are going to be blessed with a wealth attracting aura for a long time and if that weakens you can always repeat this or other spells.

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