Wizard Spells – 3 spells to become a wizard

wizard spellsAnyone with enough motivation, patience and inner strength can become a wizard in real life. Magic is real, it can be done and people are doing it right now too, but I leave this topic for another time still.

Q: Who is a Wizard ?

Ans: A Wizard is a practitioner and learner of the ways of magic. He / She can be anyone who chooses to tread along this path. Wizard is basically a very broad term, older woman whose primary interest were making potions became known as witches, those wizards who indulged more into the magic of dead bodies became known as necromancers.

But generally wizards choose to learn a bit of everything and choose their own paths lead by their own interests, beliefs and morals.

Q: How can I become a Wizard ?

Ans: It is easy to start along this path but it gets difficult the more you advance and the deeper you want to go. As many restrictions, taboos and even illusions begin to hinder your journey. Then there are other beings (like Djinn or demons) who may not want you to learn the secrets of magic and hence try to confuse, scare or even hurt you !

As a starter your first step would be to at first learn something about the known history and origins of magic, from here you can deepen your research as many things will get your interest. Then learn about the different known forms in which magic has been used and is still used e.g Black magic, White magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Chaos magic, Necromancy, Tarot reading, Astrology and so on.

It’s very important to only read and practice from authentic books and manuals. However, it can be difficult finding authentic material when it comes to the occults. Here at Winged Wizard you can look at the Wizard’s Inventory which is a growing catalogue of such materials which you can buy.

Some basic spells you can try to perform for free:

I’ve written a free tutorials on some basic level spells, some are black magic and others are just spells. Anyone can start with these spells as a beginner and then learn from his experience:

  1. Black Magic Love Spell – 5 steps (Beginner level)
  2. An Ancient Black Magic Trick To Increase Your Luck – 4 simple steps Charm
  3. An easy Black Magic trick to attract people – 8 simple steps

It’s all about your determination, once you start and persist despite initial failure (which is common), different doors will reveal themselves to you.


  1. Do your spells really work?

  2. I have been looking the World Wide Web for this information and I want to thank you for this post.

  3. I don’t get it how do u become one??? I really do believe in magic!!!

    • Its quite easy. You just have to believe that you are a Wizard. As with most things magical, its all about the belief and the same for casting spells. People think that casting is about rituals and incantations but it is more about removing doubt as too much doubt will have ill effect on what you are trying to achive. These rituals are there to solidify belief and convince the mind that what you are doing is going to work. I am not one for rituals and rhyming is too much hassle so I use pure determined willpower and I can dismiss hiccups on a whim, this technically was one of my first spells before I knew I had power in me, I thought it was just that I had good control over my body but I later learned it was something more.

      From one Wizarx to another it is all a out thr belief more than anything else.

    • i try everyday but it doesn’t work i all way’s try and try until it works what should i do

      • In order to make the spells work you have to focus on what ever the spell is

  4. Please cast a spell on me to transform to an half incubus demon half human being, am serious

  5. this crazy stuff but i like it i think it would of good interest if if look into this more

  6. This very interesting & cool but where are the steps for d spells

  7. are thay real

  8. hi my name is Darwin and I believe in magic and I was wonderin if u can cast a spell on me to become a full wizard im serious abt the magic life I already have powers just wanna become a full wizard

  9. I love magic and i believe in magic.

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  13. I don’t understand how to do this. But does any demon or spirit come. If you know how to do this please tell me how to do this. Please I want to become a wizard with powers. Drawinjones you might know how to do this, right. Or someone please i’m begging you guys.

  14. Ambeh (circxus) Mose Lembi
    Ambeh (circxus) Mose Lembi

    am lost please i beg of u to help me am a cameroonian and am despirately in need of becoming a wizard that is because i have read ur aticles online and i like them pls here is my telephone number just in case (653******). pleas sir help me

  15. Ambeh (circxus) Mose Lembi
    Ambeh (circxus) Mose Lembi

    Pleas Am Waiting For any Kind Of Help Or Mgical Trainign On How To Become A Wizard Through Wat Ever

  16. hi. i believe in magic i would like to become a full wizard pls help me to know a full magic

  17. I have a challenge for you and you magic. Cast a spell on me to make me become a full blooded wizard and have the mindset to make spells truly work. Make happen in oh about 3 – 4 weeks and i will take your advice and make you honorable to me and my buds. good luck. if you need to know where i live for that spell or potion (if it is one) to work here it is : 1025 South Garrison, Carthage, MO. Good luck my friend.

  18. I really wanna be a great wizard, ever since i watched the film Merlin and Legend of the Seeker, i have really wanna key myself into the world of magic, please how can i be one

  19. At the final stage, that is the stage of staring at the moon, when i have a/an eye contact with the horrible face(s) should i persist in staring or look away bodly

    • You should keep focusing on the moon not becoming distracted by the faces, especially do not become scared of them.

      • Can u give me some speels to become a full wizard i beg you my family is poor and its uscks here i just need to know im great and maybe help my family

  20. Why don’t you just put the 3spells to becoming a wizard here for us to try

  21. I really want to learn magic spells please help me

  22. Please help me learn magic spells

  23. I really want to be a wizard i know i ve got it inside me. Please help me harnnes it


  25. Howback, but am not a wizard yet how do i find u

  26. what are signs that you are a already a wizard,? the spells we make are didn’t work,please give us a true ways to how the spells to be worked and to become a real white wizard.we cant make a spells that are came from in black ways

  27. help me, i wana become a wizard

  28. Joshua Opella Socorin jsLss
    Joshua Opella Socorin jsLss

    ..I want to be y0uR appRentiCe.. can I?? c0z I reaLly loVe to be a wizaRd and taLk wiTh natuRe.. pLeaSe !!

  29. Joshua Opella Socorin jsLss
    Joshua Opella Socorin jsLss

    ..pLeaSe heLp me !! I want to be a wizaRd.. c0z I dReam laSt niGht.. tHaT the sTatue of tHe viRgin maRy and the reSt of the saints cRied wiTh bLood whiLe pRaying.. and I d0n’t undeRstand what’s the meaning of that.. so, i muSt pRepare what miGht happen.. and bec0ming a wizaRd can heLp me.. pLeaSe heLp me !!

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  31. Pls help me I want to become a wizard & i believe in magic pls help me I beg u

  32. Is it hard to do?

  33. I am a Wizzard an I will love to no how yo work my magic

  34. FIre wants to burn, water wants to flow, earth wants to bind, air wants to rise, and chaos wants to devour.

  35. i really want to become one

  36. I have started to look in deeper of magic the only reason that so I can be a better person and become a hero to save people’s lives my wizard hero is Merlin and that is how I wish to become and magic works only if you empty your mind and become focused.

  37. Please help me i want to become a wizard and a powerfull sorcerer, please help me to become one.

  38. It wont let me play the video I need help I want to become a wizard so badly for years know please help me sir please

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    Really became a wizard plsss help me!!!

  40. Hi. Please can you help me to become a wizard. I really believe in magic and want to become a powerful wizard. I hope that you can assist me. Thank you

  41. even if it is a book to buy i need a tutor

  42. i want to become a wizard how do i start

  43. I want to do a working spell but everything here is black magic

  44. please i need help i need some working powerful spells to turn my luck so that i can do whatever i think in my life

  45. I love magic I believe in it I want to be one.

  46. I want to be a witch or wizard

  47. i want to be are true wizard thats all i wish

  48. Um I would like to try it but I believe in the lord and since magic is a different source of power other than him, it counts as breaking the second amendment. Help?

  49. im already a wizard and can see future events happen minutes and seconds before my eyes. Just one question are vampires still around?

  50. only one way to become a wizard. And don’t worry, I think you’re all already there

  51. What about if one is not born with magic but love and want to be a magician. What can the person do to become a magician?

  52. I want ro be a true wizard but my problem is to how? And i dont have any materials to become a wizard im such a poor people, please help me to my wish came true !!!

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    tom marvolo riddle

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    inspiration is indeed greatly required to be a wizard

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  55. I want too Become a Wizard too Protect me From individuals that are wishing Bad on me and I need Protection From them and want too Be more Powerful than them ????

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  59. Can You Tell Me How To Start Being A Necromencer I Dont Really Wanna Do Black Magic And Also Those Spirits That I Need To Becareful About Thanks For Reading My Comment I Hope You Will Reply

  60. After I tried your maditation I feel like someone telling me what I want ….and it’s very fearful…can you give me some suggestion that it’s can’t hurt me

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  62. Good day, please how can I become your student and be a great sorcerer in one year thanks.

  63. Pls I also believe in magic how can I start

  64. I would like to start learning magic, please.

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