Darvaza, Doorway to hell – A place of mystery and mystique in the middle of nowhere

In the Turkemanistan lies a place of strangeness surrounded by some mystery. In the middle of a lonely desert (Kara-kum desert) a village by the name of Darvaza (Derweze) existed up-till 2004. Supposedly in 1971 a group of Soviet prospectors drilled a hole that collapsed the roof of a large cavern filled with natural gas and to avoid any harm by this leak of poisonous gas it was ignited. The gas was expected to burn up in a few days but strangely it still burns to this very day (42 years later) !

That is not the end of it, this place of a burning crater in the ground is called by the locals as ‘The Door To Hell’ .The village which existed from long was too disbanded by the government in 2004.

But what is most mysterious is the relation between the village’s name of Darvaza and the name of this supposedly new crater. Darvaza in my language (Urdu) also means ‘A Door’!!

So we have an old village by the name ‘A Door’ in the middle of a lonely desert, then 42 years ago a burning hole is formed in the ground which was supposed to have burned up in a couple of days but instead burns to this day and it is called ‘The Door to hell’ and strangely the government disbands this ancient village in 2004!

Is it just me or can you too sense some wizardry at play here!?

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