How to astral project right now?

How to Astral Project right now

Ever heard of the term esotericism? If not, then let us enlighten you about it. The term refers to a loose arrangement of ideas that are different from the orthodox Judeo-Christian religion and rationalism. These thoughts are those that have been born in the west. Esotericism has made its way throughout western philosophy, religion, pseudoscience, art, literature, and music. It continues to be incorporated in pop culture today as well. Among the many ideas that became a part of esotericism, one is astral projection. Here we discuss the basics of it and how to astral project right now..

What is Astral projection? 

In esotericism, astral projection is a term that is used to define the out of body experience (OBE). According to this concept, the physical body gets separated from the so-called “astral body” Now, this astral body can travel through time and the universe. The idea of astral projection is centuries old and can be found in many monotheistic religions. The scientific basis however has not been established. Though many researchers have worked on the concept thoroughly and many claims to have had such out of body experiences. The term astral projection often comes in use when lucid dreams and meditation are being discussed. According to some sources, the astral projection has been experienced by few through hallucinogenic and hypnotic means as well. Since science could not bring itself to prove this concept with evidence, the astral projection has been placed under “pseudo-science” According to a survey, 1 out of 10 people claim to have an out of body experience. For something that has no scientific evidence, it sure does has a lot of people claiming it.

Various accounts of Astral projection

How to do Astral Projection right now

Throughout the centuries various people have held different concepts of astral projection in their mind. None of them knows who is correct or not, but the thoughts do flow in the same line and most can’t help but wonder if they can learn how to astral project. here we will walk through four accounts from across the world. All have the same core but differ in their essence. Some have incorporated it in their myths and stories, others have it in their culture. What is it about astral projection that people have incorporated it and analyzed it differently and why? We face the facts now.

Western Concept

Remember esotericism that we discussed early on? Just a reminder; it is a movement that comprises on various loosely arranged thoughts that have developed in the west. Astral projection is deemed to be a part of that movement. There on, many have been a part of this movement. The idea of astral projection became the most prominent in the nineteenth century when a French oculist named liphas Levi discussed in her work in depth about astral projection. Later this concept developed further more and was adopted by others like Hermeticism, Neoplatonism and Rosicrucian. According to them the astral body is just a being of light that connects rational soul with the physical body. The astral plane is thought to be an intermediate plane made up of light that exist between heaven and earth. This plane is supposed to be infiltrated with angels, demons and spirits. It is worthy to note here that many people in their out of body astral projections have relayed that they met dead relatives, angels and spirit guides during their out of body experience. One more thing, according to some, astral projection should only be opted for when your mind is calm and you are happy. if it is tried during the times when someone is low like facing emotions of sadness or anger then they might up in a dark astral plane. To get themselves out of their they would need to start thinking good thoughts so that their bodily vibrations may increase. When this happens, they will be able to float back up.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians hold the same concept as they consider body a heavenly object. According to them the soul within our body, referred to as ba. It has the potential to be present outside of the body via the subtle body or ka.


Japan has various mythologies in its culture. these myths and legends forms the core of the traditions alive there. One such myth is the ikiry?. According to this myth the soul can leave the body at any time. Traditionally, it has been believed that if someone holds a grudge against the other person for a very long period of time then a part of their should or their whole soul can transiently escape their body. This astral form then projects itself towards the other person towards whom hate is directed at. This form then has the ability to either harm them or curse them even. The concept is eerily similar to the evil eye. Another time these souls can leave the body is when the body is extremely ill or comatose. This ikiry? however is not malevolent in its intention.

Inuit Nunangat

The indigenous people living in Alaska, Canada and Greenland are called inuits. These people believe that traditionally, the inuits could travel off to vast unknown places in order to help their community members. Sometimes to inform them about an incoming attack or sometimes to cure a sick person.

How to astral project? 

How to Astral Project

There are various methods through which one can choose to astral project. there isn’t just one specific method. In order to find your perfect fit you need to experiment around with different methods to find your perfect fit. Some methods may tend to work better for you than others.

“How to astral project right now – Method 1”

How to astral project step 1 

In order to get into astral projection you first need to get into REM. Now you may or may not be wondering what REM is. It is short for rapid eye movement. The fourth stage of sleep is REM where your eyes move a lot while closed but does not send any signals to the brain. In order to get to the REM part you need to build a schedule and practice hard to achieve it. Although unlike lucid dreaming, REM is not considered a very vital component of astral projection if you have experience in it already. To get into the REM phase, do not forget to set your alarm for 6 hours of after sleep.

How to astral project step 2 

The second step is relatively simple but necessary. Now, you use the bathroom if the need is present and then li e right back down and close your eyes.

How to astral project step 3

The next step of how to astral project relies on inducing sleep paralysis upon yourself. If you have experienced sleep paralysis before in your life this may seem scary. The thing is however that there are no demons this time. It is just you intentionally dripping off into sleep. Now relax and just keep your mind active with the notion that right now you are going to notice your body fall asleep. This step is a bit complicated and may not always work but at points it does work, you will find yourself in a sleep paralysis.

How to Astral Project Step 4

The final step of astral projecting is to enter the vibrational stage. In this stage you imagine that a rope is hanging down your body and you are climbing it. keep doing the rope thing and vary it with swings and by imagining other stuff that just makes sure that you are feeling the sensation and moving out. As soon as you start feeling strong enough to move out, that’s when you leave your body to enjoy your astral projection experience.

“How to astral project right now – Method 2”

There is no one-size fits all policy with astral projection. Different people have different routines and different lifestyles require people to work according to theirs. But before you go for your etheric passport and begin your astral projections. There are few practices that might be useful to you in the long run.


Not everyone will find that meditating is easy. It is not, it is hard to calm down your mind from the racing clutter in it. Before you begin practicing astral projection the habit of meditation will help you calm down your mind. Allow some quietness to seep in your life as you take time out to completely relax. If you get the feeling that finding your Zen is difficult, all you have to do is download a meditation app or use crystals to help yourself through.

2. Self-hypnosis 

It is much like meditation but the only difference is that you enter a trance like stage where you can connect with others too. You can enter a state of being in an astral plane and force your astral body to go further. The only difference this time is that you have a specific goal/intention in your mind.

3. Lucid dreaming

Ever been in a dream and realized you are in a dream and woke right back up? Well, some people can realize that they are dreaming and then put it to their advantage by controlling their dream however they like making it look as bizarre as they want. This is called lucid dreaming and is an important part of astral projection.

How to astral project- Guide 

How to do astral projection right now guide

Once you are able to get yourself into a deep meditative trance, you can then make attempts to connect with your astral self. While meditating you need to shift your focus towards a more transparent self. You have to start imagining yourself as travelling, lifting yourself up and turning around to look at your own physical body. This might not happen over night but you will need to keep practicing.  This might not happen naturally, and in case it doesn’t try visualizing your etheric body and make conscious efforts to align yourself with it. Well, practice makes perfect so you might need multiple meditation sessions.

Once the secure feeling of being in your astral body starts to hit, you can then begin associating yourself through the astral plane also known as the mental space unbound by the materialistic world. In order to align yourself and connect with astral plane, you need to start meditating, have dreams, visualization and when you let go of consciousness. Via heightened meditation or lucid dreaming one is enabled to attain trance-like energy. Once this is achieved we can move from outside our body, travel through space and time, to a place where you can be united with others and look at things in your life from a different perspective. This point forward, you can mix together your intentions and astral body awareness in your meditative trance and allow yourself to move through the astral space and to join new energies, ideas, places and spaces in time perspective.

Once you reach this point in your practice, you may start travelling further into astral plane. This is allowed only after you connect with your astral body and place a specific destination in your mind. Once you have an aim/an intention/ a goal in your mind, you can reach it. This is important because once you do not have a specific place in your mind, you will not be able to reach it and will end up wandering around in the astral world. The intention for this astral projection could be to either find answers to questions you have not been able to solve in the physical plane, to connect with a spirit guide or just visit a place in your past or future. You need to be very cautious while astral projecting and do not ever forget to cleanse your energy afterwards so that you are sure that you did not pick up any negative vibe. If you are not sure as to how to cleanse your energy then the next section is just the piece for you.

Cleanse your crystals 

In case you have crystals around at your home or carry them in your necklace. you need to remember that these need to be cleansed. Knowing how to clean your crystals is a very important, non-negotiable part of the journey. The basic purpose of having crystals around is to be able to bask in their radiant energy, heal and have ultimate good vibes from them. After all would you want your crystals to have their energy junked up? We think no. So, now what you need to do is to learn how to cleanse them specially after your little astral expedition.

Anytime you get a new crystal added to your collection whether it be a gift or your order from an online shop. You need to cleanse it because you do not know what kind of weirdo energies it has been accompanied with. Astral projection is a risky business and if you intend to take your crystal with you then you need to be sure that it is not already inhabiting negativize energies.

Cleansing with the moon and sun 

All moon goddesses and witches unite under the moon. The power of the Luna is extraordinarily potent enough to cleanse your mind and soul. If you have those crystals then put them under the night sky and let the moon light clean it. When the moon rises you need to put the crystals out in a safe place but just make sure that there is no forecast for heavy rain or mist because some crystals are moisture sensitive and you wouldn’t want to mess yours up.

Cleansing with salt 

Salt is a natural cleanser. Bet you have noticed it being used in various rituals as well as a protective boundary, it is also used to dis-infect wounds and adding it to the bathwater in order to draw out toxins. In order to begin cleansing, first you need to make a bowl of salt and put the crystals within it, partially submerging them. Leave the crystals there for the time being and let salt work its cleansing magic on that crystal. Now keep in mind that some crystals are sensitive towards salt and should not be submerged in it. For that purpose you might need to read about non-contact salt cleansing techniques. Also, keep in mind that once you are done with cleansing crystals with this salt, you throw it away and do not keep it to cleanse out other crystals.

Cleansing with water 

If you clean your crystals with water then it will remove all the physical junk from it and also cleanse the energy around it too. You can either let your crystals soak in the water or bathe them yourself. That is upon your discretion but water is a great element to cleanse them off their negative vibes.

Pop Culture and Astral Projection

No matter how cool the concept of astral projection seems. It is a risky business that has no scientific proof of existing so far. humans have though, always been in awe of things they cannot understand. Either we are scared of it or curios about it. Through it all however, what we are expert at is incorporating those concepts from our fantasy in our contemporary work as well. So here are some of the astral projection mentions that you might have read about or seen even but forgot to interpret.

Ring-a-Ding Girl

Remember the twilight zone that featured in the 1960s? Oh well, you probably don’t because you weren’t born at that time but your parents might. Anyhow, the point is that the concept of astral projection goes far beyond to 90’s. How innovating timeless human beings really can be? Imagine not knowing something completely yet creating a mass phenomena under this pseudo-science concept. Highly bizarre but creative none-the-less we would say.

Dungeons & Dragons

Remember Riverdale on Netflix? The gargoyle king and his allies? Well, turns out D&D is a real life fantasy table top game where characters can choose to be whoever they want. In the dungeons and dragons the astral projection is a powerful spell. It allows travelers to send out a mental image of themselves in an unknown realm. The astral plane which is infinite and filled with monsters (Shocker). The game however is completely of thoughts and perception and goes back to the 90’s. Guess everything about the town of Riverdale wasn’t a fantasy beautifully woven, huh?

Insidious (film)

Whether you have heard about it or watched it with family or friends, you would know and be impressed with the knowledge we are about to confer about you. We can bet most of you did not thought about it “this” way. Insidious is a horror American-Canadian movie. The movie features a couple who’s son is stuck in a comatose state. The child becomes a vessel for evil entities who belong in the astral dimension “the further”. Using his body they hope to be a part of the real world.

Doctor Strange (2016 film)

based on the comic of the same name, we all have either watched or know about Doctor Strange. In order to help doctor strange learn the ways, his teacher shows him the astral plane and how he can access it.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV series)

Netflix based a supernatural horror (well, not so horror) tv series, the chilling adventures of Sabrina is one of its kind. Though made more for a younger audience the series does has a certain zeal about it. Anyhow, in the season various characters bring in to use the concept of astral projection. The last is when the main character Sabrina Spellman in order to be at two places in one, the earth and hell namely. She divides herself and leaves the astral self to rule hell.

Stranger Things

One of the most popular Netflix series, sci-fi horror stranger things uses the concept of Astral plane as their core theme. The concept of the other side, time travelling and how a child who is part of an experiment uses astral protection to protect those she loves and to spy on those who may harm her and her friends.


The crème de la crème of this post was to impart knowledge about astral projection and how to astral project right now yourself. It is not an easy business and there is no scientific proof of it. There are certain ways however, where you can achieve what you want. Whether it is to live a fantasy or live a past experience, astral projection is the way to go about things. We hope our post helped you out. Happy Astral Projecting.

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