9 Mysteries of Pyramid Energy

When we say ‘pyramid’, it immediately evokes images of those exotic sun-baked sands of
the Egyptian Sahara. Where the majestic structures rising out of the ancient desert loom
over the rolling orange landscapes. Like stratified tropical gods frozen still in the act of
reaching out for their ancestral abodes, somewhere out there in space, perhaps still
searching for some kind of redemption for sins long forgotten.
The stories behind these ancient wonders of the world are lost in the midst of prehistory, but
what is left are the pyramids themselves, challenging us in all our ingenuity to unravel the
mysteries hiding behind their silent stones.
Though we tend to associate pyramids with ancient Egypt, pyramids and pyramidal
structures are not confined to Egypt, but are found in places as far removed as the
mountains of South America and the forests of South-East Asia. The pyramidal shape itself
is seen in many religious symbols all across the world.
The word pyramid derives from two Greek words: Pyra, meaning fire, and midos, meaning

1. The Startling Powers of Pyramids – The Discovery

The technological advances during the early 20th century gave the researchers tools and
experimental methods that led to a giant leap in our understanding of the mysteries of the
In the 1930s, a French hardware merchant – or ironmonger, as they were called in those
days – named Antoine Bovis found himself experimenting with the properties of pyramids
using a dowsing pendulum. Contrary to many popular accounts he never went to Egypt
himself by his own admission. However, he still ended up with a startling discovery: The food
and other organic matter that he kept inside a pyramidal structure were dehydrated and
mummified but didn’t decay as they normally should have.
This opened a floodgate and soon people all over the world found themselves experimenting
with strange powers exhibited by pyramids and pyramidal shapes. Further research by
dedicated scholars in the field soon piled up increasing evidence that mysterious forces are
at work within these pyramidal structures. Some notable names in this field are: Karel Drbal,
Max Toth, Patrick Flanagan, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder.

2. The Pyramid of Giza – The Behemoth

The Cheops Pyramid, the biggest and the most famous pyramid in the world, is forty stories
high and the size of its base is comparable to eight football fields. It’s a marvel of
engineering. It’s a popular belief that the Egyptian pyramids were built with alien help but
there are no concrete proofs other than the sheer display of superior expertise that far
exceeds the expected technological levels of those times.
The King’s Chamber within the pyramid is where the electromagnetic energy gets focused.
The pyramid’s centre of gravity lies within this chamber. The construction is aligned with the
Earth’s magnetic axis. This is what led many researchers to experiment with crystals within
the ‘electromagnetically pure’ pyramid cavities.

3. The Pyramid Shape – The Golden Ratio

The pyramid shape is a tetrahedron. A shape found in nature as the familiar structure of the
6th element in the periodic table, carbon. The tetrahedron is the shape of life itself, as all the
lifeforms we know – humans, animals, microbes – are invariably carbon-based.
The Egyptian pyramids are based on the golden ratio – the so-called divine proportion –
which is the ratio of the consecutive terms of a Fibonacci Sequence. While the Golden Ratio
is believed to have many mystical properties, the most intriguing aspect of this number,
which incidentally comes to 1.618, is that this number is extremely common in nature.
The Golden Ratio is supposedly the secret of beauty and form. The Greek Pantheon building
in Athens and Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Monalisa are examples where we see the
Golden Ratio in action. This curious number has other strange mathematical properties too
apart from its obvious aesthetic ones.
The pyramidal shape has intrigued mankind for centuries because of the baffling effects that
it can generate. Many different researchers have reported and corroborated that pyramids
inhibit organic decay, keep razor-blades sharp, turn cheap booze into magnificently aged
scotch, and induce miraculous healing effects in plants and animals, among many other
startling effects.
According to Feng Shui, placing pyramids can unblock energies in certain areas of your
house, bringing equilibrium and balance to your home.

4. Electromagnetism and Pyramids

It is believed that the pyramid shape acts like a lens for electromagnetic fields.
Apart from an ability to focus the Earth’s electromagnetic field, it’s believed that pyramids
can capture the subtle cosmic energy three times more efficiently than our bodies
themselves. This channelized energy of the universe can revitalize and heal the body and
mind in ways that nothing else can.

5. Pyramid Meditation

Pyramidal shapes are used by many to assist in meditation. Meditating within a pyramidal
structure is said to focus the spiritual energy of the universe and elevate the meditator
quickly to a higher state. Meditators report electrifying tingling sensations coursing through
their bodies when they meditate inside pyramids. The energy levels within the body shoot
through the roof. Focus and tranquillity come quickly leading to a much deeper and fulfilling
meditative experience.
The sacred pyramid shape channelizes the sensory flow from within the narrow constricted
pathways of your normal body into an expansive multi-dimensional awareness, transcending
the boundaries of space and time, uniting the mind, with the body and the soul.
It develops intuition and increases the psychic energy, the prana or the life force, leading you
deeper into the cosmic consciousness.
Pyramids can be used as an aid for any kind of meditation. Whether you follow the traditions
of Kundalini Yoga, or of Zen Buddhism, it doesn’t matter. Pyramidal energy doesn’t
differentiate. It’s there to help you, in whatever path you choose. You just have to be honest
about seeking the truth.
Pyramidal shapes are believed to greatly enhance the efficacy of normal meditative
practices. The enhanced effects include mental and physical rejuvenation, better sleep,
increased creativity along with a boosted immunity, making it a breeze to deal with the
normally crippling stress and pressures of everyday life.

6. The Positive and Negative Energies – The Healing

Modern science says that a vast majority of illnesses including ageing-related symptoms are a
result of free radicals. The damaging effect of the free radicals comes from their oxidizing
effect. They accept electrons from the molecules inside our bodies, effectively oxidising
them. This process over time builds up toxicity inside our body.
The antioxidants are negative ions that combat this damage and have a natural healing
and cleansing effect on the body.
The electromagnetic properties of a pyramid are said to encourage and build the
concentration of negative ions in our bodies through ionization. They enhance the oxygen
levels and soothe and balance our endocrine system. Pyramids are believed to have an
ability to tap into an inner, hidden source of energy, leading to a visible increase in energy
levels throughout the day.

7. Pyramids and the Brain Waves

Pyramid hats and pyramidal sleeping spaces are believed to help the brain retain its theta
frequency, that ranges from 4 Hz to 7 Hz. It is a subtle aspect of our psychosomatic
existence that lies between the conscious and unconscious states. This is what the ancient
Hindu traditions call the Yoga Nidra, the meditative sleep. In such cases, it’s possible to
retain consciousness while the physical body is asleep. It’s a powerful state, a spiritual
trance, that can be used to relax and heal the body.
Other Physiological Effects of Pyramid Exposure
Pyramids can lower the risk of anxiety attacks by reducing the lactate levels in the blood.
They help with stress-related aches and pains. They have a beneficial and balancing effect
on the endocrine glands within our body providing a wide range of beneficial effects. They
boost serotonin levels in the blood, improving mood and behaviour.

8. Pyramid and Success

Pyramidal energy if redirected properly can be used for personal growth and success,
infusing crystals with energy, spiritual healing through the chakras, sanitizing the space
around you and bringing peace and prosperity into your home.
Some researchers went as far as to store marijuana inside experimental pyramidal
structures and found it gave mellower but a more transcendental high after a week of
Keeping a pyramid at your office desk is supposed to help attain success. It can help
improve your focus and creativity. It cleanses the negative and stale influences from your

9. The New Age Movement

Pyramids hold an important place in the doctrines of the New Age Movement.
The New Age Spirituality gained popularity during the 1970s. It was seen as a reactionary
movement against the failures of conventional religion for the betterment of the human
condition. The New Age movement has roots in various traditions around the world and tries
to adopt their best practices while discarding their divisive propaganda.
In today’s world, the New Age Spirituality Movement holds a special kind of relevance. Many
people who are disillusioned with the blatant failures of organized religions are looking for
redemption here. This movement allows its followers to pick and choose the beliefs that they
identify with the most. It does not try to dictate the form that their redemption must take. It
gives people a much-needed space, where they are encouraged to take responsibility for
their beliefs, and ultimately for their own spiritual journey.
The core tenet of New Age Spirituality is meditation as a vehicle for total well-being.
Powerful meditation techniques have been sought after by the New Age practitioners and
this is where the Pyramid Energy finds its relevance here.

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