Orgone Pyramid – Tree Of Life Energy

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This orgone pyramid has a personality that positively affects the atmosphere and energies around it.

Yellow Agate Stone: Aura cleansing, lightens the mood and improves self-confidence.

White Crystal Quartz: Enhances other stone energies and improves mindfulness.

Tree of Life Energy Patch: Symbolizes wisdom, self-development and stability.


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Similar to negative ion purifiers, Orgone Pyramids cleanse the air of negative energies by moving energy back and forth through the organic resin, energized stones and powerful metals. The varying properties of Orgone Pyramids are designed to harness and promote different energies. This specific pyramid is infused with yellow agate stone, white crystal quartz, the tree of life energy patch, gold foil and copper wire.

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Yellow Agate Stone

This stone is known for its ability to cleanse and stabilize the aura. It actively works to lighten moods while also strengthening the body and its connection to the earth. Its powerful warmth encourages the feeling of security and self-confidence.

White Crystal Quartz

This is a powerful healing crystal that enhances other stones’ power to move and cleanse energy. The beautiful gemstone has also been found to cultivate an atmosphere for learning and concentration. Its clean energy stimulates a sensation of calm clearness in the mind.

The Tree of Life Energy Patch

This symbolizes a person’s unique journey throughout life.

While highlighting one’s past growth, accumulated wisdom, and individuality, it also harnesses powers of self-development, liberation, strength and stability. This powerful symbol allows you to focus on the unity of vibrant flowing energies throughout your life.


Gold Foil and Copper Wire (Metals)  attract unbalanced energies into the pyramid through their highly conductive properties, allowing the powerful stones to convert the energy.

Surround yourself with healing energies by using these unique components that work in harmony to enhance prosperity, self-worth, and stable moods throughout your life.

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