The Book of Talismans


A collection of over 140 Talismans along with their powers and mythology. Original insights into the Zodiac signs and their crystals. The Book Of Talismans is over 100 years old and much of its wisdom has been lost in modern times.

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Book Chapters

PART I – Talismans & Mythology

CHAPTER I – The Psychic and Magnetic Influence of Talismans and Gems

CHAPTER II – Talismans of Primitive Races

CHAPTER III – IndianTalismans

CHAPTER IV – Talismans For Wisdom

CHAPTER V – Chinese and Japanese Talismans

CHAPTER VI – Egyptian Beliefs & Talismans I

CHAPTER VII- Egyptian Beliefs & Talismans II

CHAPTER VIII – Gnosticism

CHAPTER IX – Etruscan Talismans

CHAPTER X – Medieval Talismans

CHAPTER XI – The Coventry Ring & Other Special Talismans

CHAPTER XII – Gnostic Talismans & Rings


PART II – Zodiac Signs & Gemstones

CHAPTER I – Aries The Ram

CHAPTER II – Taurus The Bull

CHAPTER III – Gemini The Twins

CHAPTER IV – Cancer The Crab

CHAPTER V – Leo The Loin

CHAPTER VI – Virgo The Virgin

CHAPTER VII – Libra The Balance

CHAPTER VIII – Scorpio The Scorpion

CHAPTER IX – Sagittarius The Archer

CHAPTER X – Capricornus The Goat

CHAPTER XI – Aquarius The Water Bearer

CHAPTER XII – Pisces The Fishes