How to Do A Powerful Past Life Tarot Spread Using 8 Cards

One of the hidden teachings of tarot has been readings about reincarnation. If we believe in the term reincarnation, it means that we had a past life.

Did you ever get the feeling of a déjà vu? Have you ever experienced something and realized that it is not the first time you are going through the situation? Maybe you have wondered countless times what your identity was in your past life.

If you have been through any of these experiences, a past life tarot card spread can assist you in getting insights into your past life and can guide you on how the past lives are affecting you in your present life. You can try to do this yourself using the instructions below or you can use this trick we’ve written about that will allow you to get an authentic spread done professionally, quickly and for free.

The imagination of a past life can be overwhelming and scary, but we can get a sneak peek into our past life through tarot cards without getting too engrossed in mysticism. From our past life, we can encounter traumatic as well as happy moments. Our purpose should always be to make our present better by illuminating these experiences and making our today happy and prosperous. 

Gentle words of caution before trying out a Past Life Tarot Spread

If you identify with your past life through tarot cards, make sure to keep these cautions in mind.

Exploring your past life can be a serious experience. The attempts to get revelations about your past life can be risky, and you can’t take it lightly. You should only proceed if you have a strong desire to be affiliated with your past self.

Not all memories of the past life are comforting and pleasant. There is always a reason why they were repressed for a long time. They might have been buried for a reason.

There might be a chance that you have been reincarnated more than once. After meditating, you might incline to have insights about a certain life of your past. Keep in mind that the details unveiled can be from any of your past life.

Be prepared for a low life revelation or a high profile life of your past. You could be a famous person who saved the country in your past life, and you could be a low life with no money at all. Prepare your mind for any revelation that comes upfront.

Initial Preparation for A Past Life Tarot Spread Reading – The Role of the Fool Card

Tarot Spread The Fool

Start by taking out the Fool card from your Tarot deck. This card has strong symbolisms associated with reincarnation in Tarot mythology. You need this card to ignite the process for this reading.

Prepare yourself by grounding yourself and become aloof from the world. Switch off your cell phone, don’t attend any landline phone calls, and turn off the television. Make sure to avoid any interruption while carrying out the reading. The experiment can be carried out in any environment, but it is best if you dim your light and burn a few candles. 

Sit on the floor comfortably with the Fool card in your hands. If any distracting thoughts occur while meditating, tell them you will deal with them later. With each passing minute, your focus will improve, and your eyes will become heavy. Allow your eyes to close at this moment. Picture the Fool in your mind and then let it shrink out of existence whilst you continue to Meditate deeply and reflect on your present life. 

How to deal your Past Life Tarot Spread

Once you feel calm and focused open your eyes. Firstly, make sure you put the Fool card back into the deck and shuffle thoroughly. Now you need to lay down the Past Life Tarot Spread. The spread is down in a single verticle column. Starting at the top lay down card one and below that card two and below that card three. Below card three you need to put card four (vertically) and then overlap it with card 5 (horizontally) so that they make a cross. Now continue on below and lay down cards six, seven and eight one after the other.

Interpreting the Past Life Tarot Spread

Card one: It represents your gender

The card one will serve your gender in the past life. Don’t get confused with just the illustration and what it has to say about the gender. Rather you need to focus on the symbolic meaning of the card in this position in order to interpret what your gender may have been.

Card two: Your Family and Relationships

The card will represent the story of your family in which you are living. The ten cups will most probably suggest a happy environment. The justice card could elude to a strict environment where rules were followed more than giving freedom. The eight cups represent the story of loneliness, where you may have been living a life without parents.

Card three: Personality

This card will show you an honest opinion about your identity in lives past. It will indicate the point of view regarding your existence. The lover’s card may represent your struggle to look for a perfect soul-mate or how have you been living looking for romantic inclinations.

Card fourth and fifth: Critical situation

These cards represent the story surrounding the critical situations in your previous life. The two cards show the energy and forces of people or phenomenon whose interactions resulted in life-changing cases. The two crossed cards here need to be interpreted together. You will need to take the symbolic meaning of each card in conjunction with the other to glimpse at the dramatic story which may have influenced a large part of your previous life.

Card six: Response

This card will represent the response you have given to the fourth and fifth cards, which represented the critical situations. For example, the devil here would likely indicate that you responded to the crisis very self-centred manner which may mean selfishness or perhaps self-preservation.  On the other hand, The Six of Coins here may tell a different story reporting you as someone who shared the resources he had with others without perhaps being generous or perhaps careless.

Card Seven: Life lesson

Card seven will give you an insight into the life lessons you have learned in your previous life and how it affected your life. The tower card would indicate how you may have gotten out of the prison of self-obsession and have helped others without any greed.

Card eight: The influence of past life on your present

Cards here hint towards what may have been carried over into your current life from previous ones. For example, The King of Swords would represent a story of how you fought well in a previous existence and this may have imbued you with leadership skills in the present life.

What to do after you have learned through your Past Life Tarot Spread?

Most people are interested to know about their previous life but knowing about it is only one step. The next step is to take something meaningful away from it and utilize it wisely to bring a positive change in your current life. 

Once you have accepted the past life reading you can re-shuffle the deck and layout 3 cards horizontally. Card one should indicate how you can give due respect to your past life. Card two could indicate how you can use the knowledge about your past life to help you in the current one. Card three should show you what to focus on in your present life and moving forward.


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