7 Signs You’re Experiencing A Twin Flame Relationship

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A Twin flame connection, unlike ‘soul mates,’ is a rare but ecstatic soul connection of reunion of the same soul. It is said that sometimes at the higher realm, one powerful soul is separated and upon the incarnation, sent to 2 different bodies. It is when the parted masculine and feminine sides (not necessarily in the physical figure) find each other, shift the whole dynamic of the Universe. Twin flames are like mirrors, who reflect our insecurities, inner traumas and help us heal them. Twin flames show us exactly where we need to put in the work to encourage spiritual growth, transform our lives, and attain spiritual awakening.

  1. You Will Experiencing Separation – Even though twin flames are a divine connection, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be with you forever and it’s going to be a smooth sailing boat. In this connection, you are going to experience a cycle, which will include you two to be in a stage of separation. It is possible that one of you or both of you will be scared by the connection and be the runner while the other chases. The runner/chaser dynamic is one of the most recognizable situations in this connection. Even though you might not be together in the physical realm always, you know that you are spiritually connected.
  2. You Open Up Like Never Before – You open up about your inner wounds, struggles, your triggers in the most natural way. You might’ve never thought you could be yourself around anyone or be so vulnerable before they came along. When you’re around them, you never have your guard up, and it just feels right. They understand you like you’re a part of them and the things that once scared you about yourself, don’t frighten you anymore.
  3. You Can Sense Them – This strong connection can sometimes feel supernatural as you may be experiencing extreme telepathy with them. You and your twin flame are somehow aware of each other’s whereabouts, emotions, or state of mind without having to talk about it. You may also start noticing that a lot of times you both are experiencing or feeling the same emotions. This is because you mirror each other which gives you a sense of ‘knowing.’ Even during the separation phase, you’ll know how your twin is doing and may even feel them coming towards you for a reunion.
  1. Intense Relationship – When you meet them, you may connect to them instantly and feel as though you’ve known them since before. You may experience powerful emotions in a short period of time. They’ll feel like ‘home’ to you and you might first bond on uncommon similarities you share with them. It would be nothing like you felt before and you will find yourself immersed in the relationship out of the bloom.
  2. You Experience Mysterious Synchronicities – What may first seem like coincidences, like being at the same place at the same time, sharing the same childhood, having the same insecurities, will be perceived as synchronicities once you are ‘awakened.’ Its the Universe giving you signs, and if you haven’t truly gotten to know your twin flame yet, it may even feel like the Universe keeps getting your paths crossed asking you to grow closer. Somehow you keep meeting each other until your energies meet, and your passion grows.
  3. They Help You Evolve – You feel awakened spiritually and begin to see life from a different lens. You experience things you never imagined for yourself, you seek answers about your purpose, what lies beyond, and gain control over your subconscious. This may even start to manifest after your twin flame triggers you. The differences in this relationship might cause you to look inside for your answers, do inner work, and recognize your authentic self. Disagreements, disharmony, or separation from your twin flame will inspire you to discover your life’s purpose. It can be painful so it’s important to remember that you both are one and that its all a part of the process.
  4. They Energise You – Whenever you’re around your twin flame you feel energized. The union you experience gives you the energy to develop, create, and go after whatever you want. It makes you thrive to achieve bigger things, go after what your heart desires, and makes you unstoppable. Now that the divine connection is in the union, you might feel like you can conquer just about anything.

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