7 Ways To Bring Positivity To Your Life

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Life is an emotional roller coaster and you’re right at the front seat clutching onto the safety bar, holding onto your racing heart. You’re wearing a safety belt so deep down you know you’re safe, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about the worst possible outcomes. While on the other hand if you’re someone or know someone who enjoys the thrill of a good ride, you’re aware that the ride doesn’t get easier for them, but instead they become stronger. In the same way, life never gets easier, we become stronger.

We grow, we learn, we fall, we pick ourselves up and learn to walk again. A well balanced positive life doesn’t come with a promise of a problem-free life or a lifestyle that is void of emotions. But it draws in the courage that helps to deal with obstacles, failures, and change. Just as physically fit people are great warriors when it comes to defeating injuries, physical traumas, or illnesses, people with a positive mindset are better able to defeat misfortunes, stress, or emotional wounds. Here are a few ways to inculcate positivity in your life –

1. Count Your Blessings

Not being in control can be painful, not knowing what lies ahead, even more, but how about you count your blessings instead? It’s easy to get lost in thoughts of ‘what if’s’ and ‘what could be’, but this will only take you to a negative zone. Instead, the next time you feel like you’re being taken over by a wave of negative emotions or thoughts, start counting your blessings. It could be as simple as being grateful for waking up to see a new day to be grateful for being surrounded by loved ones. The key is to feel blessed.

2. Mediate

While it’s motivating to hear people talk about how meditation opened their third eye, help spiritually leave their body, don’t set such intentions on your first go. These elements can be achieved, but it takes time. Set a spiritual intention to clear your mind and ground yourself. Focus, and let go. A powerful visualization meditation can help develop and soothe the mind, block panic from taking over which can make you feel safe and at peace.

3. Ask And You Shall Receive

Indulge in a healthy relationship with your higher power, the universe, God, or whatever your belief points at. Engage in a dialog, be willing to speak to them when you’re filled up with emotions, and trust them. Create a bond of love and strengthen the relationship with trust and understanding. Be prepared to ask and acknowledge that they’re around guiding you at all times. Ask, let go and wait for a sign.

4. The Art Of Giving

What you put out is what comes back to you. With everything that’s going on, humankind needs us more than ever. Even though we can’t put on a cape and go on to save the earth, it’s important that we do our bit. Indulge in an act of kindness, appreciate someone, help someone who is in need, bring warmth to someone who is anxious or fearful. The smallest of gestures can turn out to be a lifesaver for someone. While everyone is fighting their own battle, it’s important to realize that we’re all united.

Breaking Unhealthy Patterns – 3 False Beliefs That Stop You From Having A Positive Mindset.

Although, in this entire process of failing and learning, we get attached to some beliefs that aren’t necessarily healthy, yet play an enormous role in our thinking patterns and slowly manifesting in our reality. This is why it is essential to alter, and adapt healthy beliefs, and do what it takes to improve your mental health.

5. I Am What Others Think Of Me

You’re Not. What others think about you has nothing to do with the real you. If you start defining yourself from someone else’s eyes, you’ll become anxious about what others think of you, and slowly but surely lose your authentic self along the way. You will start living only to please others, which will give rise to a codependent behavior that will negatively transform your entire personality.

People’s opinions are ephemeral and largely distilled by their own emotions, ideas, and insecurities and you just have to take it with a grain of salt. The truth is that the right people in your life, will, and indeed should love you precisely for the real you, and not your masquerade.

What matters is how you see yourself despite people’s constantly changing opinions about you.

6. My Material Success Defines My Success As A Whole

It’s easy to fasten the misunderstanding that material possessions are what makes a person ‘wealthy’ especially when we’re living in a world that portraits the rich as blessed, content, and abundant. We easily fall for the trap that worldly achievements like possessions, fame, physical features, and money are the aspects you need to consider when you calculate your growth.

Truth is, some of the happiest people aren’t ‘rich’ in the regular, monetary fashion, but are sure rich when it comes to happiness, joy, abundance, and blessings from the people they love.

How we evolve as a human while instilling good characteristics, our inner growth, compassion for others, and genuine actions are what determines our success.

7. I Need To React To Everything That Bothers Me

Remember you give life to what you give your energy to. There will be people, circumstances, or things that can bother you, frustrate you, be unfair, or just be torturous. You might feel like shouting out loud is the only option, at times you could even be right, but for the betterment of your mental and spiritual health, you cannot be reacting to every situation that falls on your back with a thud. Learn to let go, and shift your focus on things that work for your good.

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