A Beginner’s Guide To Seeing Aura

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What is an Aura?

Like we have physical bodies, we have energetic bodies too. This energy we radiate is what forms our ‘aura.’ They are spiritual energetic fields that surround every living thing. Aura is a reflection of our emotional and spiritual well-being. Even though everyone has different auras that are of a different color, they can change with variation in the environment, mood, or feelings. This is how we pick up someone’s ‘vibe’, how their presence affects our aura i.e how we feel around them.

Why Understand Your Aura?

Our auras hold the information to our personalities, what makes us tick, the work environment that is the most suitable for us, how we handle interpersonal relationships to how we feel at the moment. By better understanding our aura, we get to truly see inside, study ourselves, and find our authentic self. Once you find your true self, you can begin introspecting different paths of life that can help you find your true purpose and awaken fully.

Reading Your Aura

While there are professional ways you can get your aura read – scientific methods or taking the help of the blessed ones who read auras as a part of their daily life, it shouldn’t stop you from trying to read your own aura. Here’s a super simple method to see what your aura says about you –

Begin by doing a simple exercise of concentrating on a single spot for about 45 seconds and then allowing your gaze to soften. Then take notice of the objects outside of your direct sight. This is called peripheral vision. Once you are aware of your peripheral vision, you will be able to see auras much more easily than before.

  • To observe your own aura, stand in front of a white wall, or a mirror.
  • Stare at a point on your fingers for about 45 seconds and then soften your gaze.
  • Adjust your peripheral vision (allow your vision to go slightly out of focus) and concentrate on the area that lies beyond the fingers or your hands. Like looking through your hand.
  • Extend your arm as far away as possible so that your visual perception includes your entire hand.

What The Colour Of Your Aura Means


indicates that you’ve taken on your spiritual journey and are slowly becoming aware of yourself and your purpose.


means that you are able to balance your energy and that you possess intuitive or clairvoyant skills.


is a therapeutic color that indicates you have natural healing capabilities. If you are planning to take on a new journey such as learning reiki, or crystal healing, it indicates that you should follow your path.


indicates a happy spirited and curious character. It represents spiritual awakening.


means good health and free spirit, it implies that you are enjoying life to the fullest and that its time to taste the fruits of your hard work that are now ripe.


is a power color that when seen in a darker shade, means self-content, and a cloudy patch indicates suppressed negative emotions.


resonates with the heart chakra and symbolizes a sound balance between the spiritual consciousness and the material world.


indicates fear and uncertainty.


represents negativity, blockages, and an unwillingness to forgive.


is a rare aura that surrounds highly-spiritual people, who’ve experienced and seen things that lie beyond the physical world.


indicates attunement to the 5th dimension. Spiritual mentors, healers, and lightworkers have rainbow auras.

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