A fairy tale universe – How is it possible ?

The Big Question:

The big BANG ! occurred, the universe came into being,many dimensions existed now, space was here, time was here,matter was here, energy was here,forces were here, it progressed, it developed it probably evolved, the sun was formed, so were billions of stars and galaxies,  the Earth formed and so did the solar system and the moon, everything evolved, the Earth evolved it cooled, oxygen came, many elements were here, many minerals were here, water is here, now life comes into existence on Earth, it evolves, it becomes more and more complex, it evolves like everything else has without reason or without a goal.



There is so much diversity ,so much depth, so much secrets, so much complexity but all without reason or goal. Life continues to evolve and animals form they’ve got brains but they can’t understand much yet, they continue to evolve, mammals form they can’t understand much either they’re just evolving nothing matters to them. Then humans evolve into existence, now they can see, they can understand, they can appreciate the diversity, the depth, the complexity, they can understand that there are forces, there is energy, matter, space, dimensions, time. They can make use of minerals deposited by chance, they can build things using them.
Everything before this was without use without purpose but now everything finds use everything finds purpose.

Isn’t it very perplexing to see what has happened ? Why is it that something had to evolve that understood the meaning of everything or tried to explore the secrets which were always there ?
Why is it that intelligence (humans) evolved to explore these secrets and understand everything ?

Before we thought that the Earth was flat but now we know it’s a sphere, why did we want to know how the Earth looks like ?

I’m asking this question putting myself at the position of a neutral observer, I don’t want to prove or disprove anything, I just have curiosity which leads me to these questions. Why do I have curiosity ?

Couldn’t it all have happened in infinite other ways ? Then why did it happen in this way ? Why did the stars have to form and then earth and then life and then human life which could understand what had and is happening and what the stars are ?


  1. I love not knowing, because then I’ll have to find out.

  2. I must concur with Anikapaulette; knowing so little gives us quite a bit to strive for, doesn’t it? I’m infatuated with learning, personally, for it gives a beautiful thrill; the euphoric feeling of understanding. If you really wish to know these answers, truly, read A Brief History of Everything. Google it, and you’ll find it rapidly. It takes you through several hundred EXTREMELY well written pages, from the universe’s beginning to human evolution.

    Also, I’d like to raise a brief question: You presume we now have purpose. Do we? What is our purpose, exactly? To understand the universe? What happens when we (Or if we) accomplish that? Our existence is still without purpose, we now just have the frontal lobes to understand existence.

    Then, a tidbit about evolution: Technically, we’re all slaves to DNA, that wondrous deoxyribonucleic acid that carries our very essence. Evolution, basically, occurs when our DNA changes in a way that benefits us. Now, we suddenly didn’t have a ‘magic’ shift into understanding; a chimpanzee is almost exactly as smart as some more idiotic humans. The final ‘push’ was when DNA changed so that a chimp was born with a massive brain- specifically a massive frontal lobe, the part of the brain that regulates logic. Obviously, logic and reason are huge advantages that DNA LOVED, so our ‘purpose’, genetically, is simply to survive and reproduce. The more we understand, the better we can do this.

    Life is such a beautiful tapestry…

    • I agree life is a beautiful tapestry and one full of secrets.
      I didn’t say we humans found a purpose, I was implying that now that some one (humans) was there to understand all this diversity, depth and complexity all these things found a purpose. Before humans came these things were useless and nothing.

      And I’ve read alot about evolution and still learning but I don’t think it answers my curiosities. Like you said a chimpanzee evolved into a human by a certain push on DNA, this statement (I’ve known before) raises a 100 more questions and solves only a few.
      Like what push, why push, who push, could push etc. Then more questions like why are there lots of other differences between humans and chimpanzees like height, hair, skin, limbs etc.
      More questions arise like how many chimpanzees have lived before humans ? Is there a realistic chance one of them could get mutated into humans ?

      I keep on reading answers to these questions but with every answer 100 more questions arise in my mind.

  3. There is something very special happening at this point in time…the consciousness of human beings is being driven forward by an unknown force, a powerfully good energy. This is empowering us to ask pertinent questions…it is the questions we formulate which is changing the outcome…

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