I love China – A beautiful place since man was born.

under-the-sakura-tree It’s crazy but I can’t figure out why I love China and everything related to it so much. If I were a Chinese I could understand but I’m not but still I have so much affection towards it.

The scenery there  is so beautiful and Chinese women are even more beautiful with their innocent eyes and charming faces. (I think I’ll write a whole blog post for it)

The music is so wonderful, I love to hear classical Chinese flute and traditional oriental music.

The people are hardworking and disciplined, I love the way most go to work on bicycles saving energy.

I love the kung fu and shaolin temples which have been there for centuries, the way they discipline your mind and body.

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china © NHNZ. Ta Gou Shaolin Kung fu School, Deng Feng, Henan (Not Shaolin Monks). Inside China Shaolin Temple china-wall

Those beautiful mountain ranges highest in the world called the roof of the world.

So much mysticism and hidden legends, so much unexplored depths. The Buddhist and their philosophies.

Colorful festivals and rich culture.

Then there’s the great wall of China, which can even be seen from the moon !

Then there’s amazing cities with big skyscrapers. Beautiful architecture and not to mention Beijing Olympic stadiums.

I love the fact that Chinese people stand up for themselves, they don’t consider English as their official language and they prefer Chinese.

Best of all anything that would otherwise cost you a fortune can affordably bought through China.

All in all I think China is a total mixture of everything from culture to technology.

China truly has a majestic presence in the world as it is the Roof of the world and the Oldest civilization and the largest population.

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  1. its like you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!
    the best part about China is that even though they are a developing super power and ahead of a lot of countries in technology they have still stuck to their roots and are very traditional in their behavior.
    they have managed to strike a balance between the two extremes of modernization and traditionalization.

    but hey i still love India and i still think its the best 🙂 🙂

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