Meaning Of The Number 12 In Numerology


Number 12 – Root Numbers

They have the qualities of root numbers 1 and 2. Just as number 1, they are bold, action-driven, ambitious, and responsible. They also possess attributes of number 2, of being kind, romantic, charismatic yet appreciation expectant, and sometimes submissive. The sum of the two digits, i.e (1+2) is Number 3, where the magic is hidden. Number 3 is full of aspirations, joy, optimism, and acceptance. It is also said that the essence of Number 12 and 3 are similar. It is because of this that in Number 12, even though there are some week attributes of Number 2, there are balanced by the positive characteristics of numbers 1 and 3.

Number 12 – Advantages

Number 12 in numerology is a vital number as it symbolizes completion. Number 12 is all about creativity, sustainability, and self-expression. This compound number is made up of two root numbers – numbers 1 and 2. Number 12 is extremely energetic and professional when it comes to their work. They are someone who enjoys honest conversations, are intellectual, independent, and aware of the right ways when it comes to dealing with different kinds of people. They are hard workers, who love to challenge themselves and fight their insecurities and enjoy their freedom. They are knowledgable souls who are always ready to soak up new information like a sponge. Although super talented, number 12 can easily get bored and always need something that keeps them on their feet.

Number 12 is often the center of attention, they fancy being surrounded by people as well and assuming a leadership role. They are often the go-to person for their loved ones as they are loved and respected for their honesty and knowledge. When it comes to relationships, they desire to be with someone who can not only be there to support them but also someone who can guide them and stop them from going in the wrong direction.

They recognize the complex nature of the universe and understand that joy and pain obey a particular purpose in life. Due to this outlook on life, they are prone to have the courage to go through life in an effortless and smooth manner, recognizing and enduring the various challenges you may confront.

Number 12 is also highly spiritual and is more likely to be co-creator of their own karma. And because they are in touch with their spiritual side, they have a very powerful connection to energies around them. This may make them more likely to be selfless helpers, spiritual teachers, or people to look to for moral and spiritual advice. Some may even sacrifice their beliefs and creature comforts just to make sure that they reach a certain level of spiritual enlightenment. When you have 12 on your side, you can be assured of a rich and fulfilling life through the ages

Number 12 – Disadvantages

Their sensitivity at times is so high that it gets difficult for them to forgive and forget. They are overthinkers which at times confuses them if the event in their mind truly happened or was just a fragment of their mind. Their thoughts often bother them and strip away their happiness. This is why they are often troubled and slowly develop a short-tempered nature. They require people around for reassurance, but in case they’re around someone with a different opinion than theirs, it can get them furious. Thus, the expression of rod number two properties and bystanders should be encouraged, without showing it.


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