Mystic poetry, hidden secrets

People have long forgotten, once great poets.

“O frenzied lover!

Take a drought of love’s pure wine…

Proclaim the secrets of the old wine seller,

And like the flute bring a message from the reed bed.

O call of the marching bell awake !”

By Sufi Jalal-u-din Rumi (1207-1273)

“I turned away from the world where sustenance takes the form of grain and water” says the falcon. “The solitude of the wilderness pleases me, for I was always a hermit by nature. One must shun the garden-dwellers, they have such seductive charms! The wind of the desert is what gives the blow of the brave it’s effect in the battle.

“I am not hungry for pigeon or dove, for renunciation is the mark of a falcon’s life- to swoop,withdraw and swoop again is just a pretext to keep up the heat of the blood. The East the West matter to the pheasants. The blue sky,vast and boundless, is mine”

By an old philosopher.

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