Seven Spiritual Paths of Involution

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Involution – An Overview 

While evolution is something we’ve all heard of, involution, on the other hand, is the unsung hero that actually frees us from our sufferings, transforms us internally which helps us progress spiritually, and transform and awaken our subconscious. Involution is the much needed internal transmutation, to release internal psychological or emotional wounds, overcome unhealthy patterns, and discover our true essence. While evolution is necessary to concur on our material world, involution is what liberates us, the key to abundance. It is only after we realize the importance of involution, we can discover our authentic self. Let’s explore the 7 essential aspects of involution – 


Also known as self-consciousness, is the capability to be cognizant of passing feelings, thoughts, or actions. It is said that when we act without thinking, we portray animal-like behavior, called reacting. It is by self-awareness, we get conscious of our mind and its workings, of what we are feeling, but not necessarily why. A self-aware person –

  • Has the ability to introspect. 
  • Aware of their thoughts, feelings, traits, as well as actions. 


A journey you take on to study yourself, is called self-exploration. This is where you know the answer to why. Once you are aware of what your inner workings are, it is important to introspect, examine, and realize why you operate in a certain way. To truly find yourself, it is vital to study yourself first. A self-exploring person – 

  • Explore their inner self – feelings, thoughts, other patterns. 
  • Getting to know themselves through – meditation, books, tests, etc 


This is a process of discovering your true self. It is intertwined with self-exploration as without observation, you cannot understand your true essence. When one is in this stage, they begin understanding the behind the scenes of their patterns, character, and actions towards themselves as well as others. A self-discovering person – 

  • Achieve perspicacity about why what and how they feel, conceive and function the way they do  


Self-knowledge, is intertwined with self-discovery, as it is only after realizing your patterns, you can go to the in-depth level to understand the origins of your behavior and your human emotions, feelings, and triggers. In this stage, you unlock the deep-rooted analyses that shaped you to be who you are today. A self-understanding person – 

  • Precise knowledge of their behavior, personality, weaknesses, strengths, ideas, patterns, opinions. 


This can only come after you’ve seen yourself in a spiritual mirror, and understand that everyone has flaws, are fully aware of your weaknesses but decide to embrace them. You know for a fact that imperfections are a part of being human and begin the journey of respecting and loving yourself first by acknowledging then by accepting them as a part of you. A self-loving person – 

  • Accept their strengths as well as their weaknesses
  • Develop self-esteem and self-forgiveness
  • Respect their desires and needs
  • Don’t punish themselves for having imperfections


Once we’ve crossed all stages and are aware of ourselves, explored, discovered, understood, and are finally loving ourselves, it is time to move on to transform ourselves to become our purest self. It is time to let go of our limiting beliefs, defenses, ego, or anything that is not serving our higher purpose. If you are self-transforming – 

  • Changing their perspective about themselves as well as others
  • Feeling more harmonious with others as well as themselves


The ultimate aim of this method is to achieve Self-Mastery.  In character, a Self-Master is a spectator of his mind and body – impressions, sensations, thoughts. Lets them appear and pass without recognizing or responding to them.  The Self-Master understands that he is not his passing images or sensations. It is through this, the Self-Master transforms himself, experiencing his life with harmony, enlightenment, and spiritual abundance. A self -master is – 

  • The capability to just recognize feelings and emotions without naming them.
  • The ability to realize that they are not their thoughts and emotions.
  • The ability to experience life with peace and wisdom.

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