On a path winding into wonder
touching through rain and thunder

filling hearts with awe
lies a beauty pure and raw

Spirit of mystic songs
To the east, she belongs

where glimmering grass and trees
Cast upon a magical breeze

with a dazzling aura
exotic valleys of flora

in lofty peaks covered in snow
time has lost it’s flow

himalaya mountainshimalaya
beautiful-scene-in-Himalayas-on-the-trek-to-Valley-of-Flowershimalaya grass and snow

Poem by WingedWizard


Posted by:Winged wizard

WingedWizard.com is a journey to discover magic. In our modern times, we have forgotten and continue to move farther away from ancient wisdom, traditions and spirituality. At WingedWizard.com we (means you too) try to pay attention in order to make a little more sense of the lesser understood components of our reality. We try to re-kindle our spiritual relationships and move closer to ancient wisdoms. We document this in the most accurate way possible as best as we understand it, however, we do not claim to know or understand everything about these phenomena.We welcome you on this journey with us.

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