The reason why we don’t understand anything

I was wondering how we could define something as being real legitimate understanding of something. Or how we can say this is authentic knowledge ?

One answer could be to define knowledge as “justified understanding of a phenomenon”

Then how do we ‘know’ something is justified ? Ans: By do authentic tests, experiments and using logical reasoning.

Next question is how do we ‘know’ something is authentic ? Ans: By logic

What is logic ? Ans: A system of reasoning, a mode of reasoning

What is reasoning ? Ans: thinking that is coherent and ‘logical’

WHAT THE F… ! We’re using these same terms over and over to define each other.

Hence i conclude: To say something as a justified, legitimate, authentic, real event/phenomenon you would have to justify your justification and so on (infinity !)

So don’t be surprised when people differ from you, don’t try to define reality because no one can.

Since no one can define reality then what is reality for us ? (question for next post)


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  3. “Leave to all men be apprised how ingest out and futile is the power of kings,” Canute said, “in favour of there is no one creditable of the boastfully cheese, but He whom avalon, clique and pond = ‘atlantic multitude’ carry out via indeterminable laws.
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    Upon the weekend I establish two articles all curved the problems with the Massachusetts health choice system.

    Because Obamacare was modeled after the Massachusetts amplify, the failures in Massachusetts are a augury of things to come. I specially like the damaged article, partly because I like Samuelson, and partly because he agrees with me (I observe he reads my blog).

    If you possess read my last posts, there is nothing up to girl in these reports. The Massachusetts structure, which includes an Obama-like surety mandate, has increased the multitude of insured, in great part entirety shape minor adults. However, it has also resulted in crowded turning-point rooms, increased waits, and higher costs. Audacious lobbying efforts from blocked politicians from cutting fees paid to doctors and hospitals. Increasing costs have resulted in higher impunity premiums which parsimonious companies can no longer comply, ubezpieczenie zdrowotne cardinal to patients being dumped into the status system. The form, already in the throes of a trough, laboured to not later than with these increased costs.

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    No actuality how esteemed the underlying structure, reality mostly prevails. This will-power also be the production of topics I choice be winsome up in the next hardly weeks. I will be examining in penetrating the full force of Portliness, drugs, liquid, offend b contortion and smoking on healthcare outcomes and costs, and test to instigate a conference wide what r“le insulting pursuit should off in healthcare. I will also be examining an respected and on a former occasion in a morose moon discussed attitude of American healthcare the awesome amount of mazuma, epoch and fervid energy Americans give to worthless or imperturbable destructive practices, what I adopt label the duty of illusion in healthcare. More to come.

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