Understanding Soul Contracts – A Guide

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What Are Soul Contracts?

A soul contract is an agreement between your soul and those on the spiritual realm before you incarnate. Before this contract is formed, your Spirit Guides let you decide which life teaching situations or lessons can help your soul to grow. These inclinations then become opportunities in the physical world that are specifically designed on the basis of your soul contract.

There are several soul contracts we make with family members, friends, partners, and others. Before we are even born we have chosen our environment– our parents, upbringing, first-hand influences that then form a base, and determined what patterns we will embrace that will shape our behavior and establish our blockages and our primal wounds. These blockages then become the roots that we can heal from later. They also help in connecting with the people we have a soul contract with, find ourselves, and be on the path we are destined to be on. SOul contracts help unleash our authentic side and change and transform us along the way.

Role Of Soul Contract

By now you know that the life guideline and timeline you produce in the spiritual realm with other souls to develop and awaken as a soul incarnated on this Earth is called a soul contract. This mystical unfolding, growing, and realizing has a purpose.

The role of Soul Contracts is to help us reach our destination and balance our karma. This destiny is to unleash the unconditional love we can offer and receive the love of the universe with open arms. Our pre-decided soul contract helps learn this lesson through ups and downs, heartbreaks, as well as passion. Each relationship is planned and nothing is a coincidence.

Their function is to question our learned patterns and preconceived notions. To help us realize the importance of coming from a place of love and not hurt. It is then we realize that we can conquer anything when its with love and break free from things that hold us back.

Even when we feel a relationship had nothing to offer and was only made of negativity and hatred, you will sooner or later realize that you learned or gained something by means of the relationship. You will understand your boundaries, triggers, and self-worth. This may help in determining the next relationship and help in making healthy changes.

These changes will elevate you, transform you, and teach you lessons that are necessary for your soul.

The Universal Test

The universe will test you that’s how it’ll know you’ve grown. Once you think you’ve learned your lessons are ready for the next chapter, the Universe will present you with situations where you get to showcase what you learned and how you are better in dealing with such scenarios.

If you’ve learned your lessons, you will respond in a new, transformed way, indicating that you can turn the page to the next chapter or begin an entirely new book. If not, the Universe will keep sending in lessons till you learn them.

So, if you pass the test, the lesson is finished. Even if your trigger reappears in your life, it won’t have the same power over you, and you will feel the liberation and transformation taking place.

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