What is the mechanism of a mantra, or a prayer, or an invocation?

Is it useful to recite them even if you don’t understand the meaning of words, for example, Kabbalistic sentences, and do you have to recite them out loud, or is it enough to say them mentally?


This is an interesting question which allows me to make a comparison with everything that has already been said, to make you understand where manipulation is, and people’s minds.
The manipulation is insidious, you don’t even notice it. The power of the word is above all the power of thought because when we say a word, it is first of all because it existed in thought. So when we talk about the power of the verb, we are talking about the power of thought. The power of thought, in turn, will help us to know the essence of how to overcome fear, how to improve our spiritual abilities, etc.

The power of thought is total power because it is a vibration. A thought emits a wave, which is reflected in the measurement of its vibrational frequency. That is to say that a wave of thought which vibrates very strongly will be reflected very, very far and very long, while a thought which is very low will have a very low vibratory tone also, very slow, so it will affect less, last less.

When God, to use this word, when God wanted to beget, he did not cut off a finger hoping that his cells, his molecules, something like him, would be born. He thought. In the cosmic mind, an archetype is born, that is, a perfect man.

What is this archetype, the one that you should join?

This archetype is what is called the monad for some schools, or the higher self for others. Then this supreme self, this monad, needs expression. God expressed himself by forming the archetype, the archetype being the representation of this same God, (it is also written in your bible that God made man in his image), in turn, this archetype will think and create. It is not going to create another archetype, it is going to emit a thought which is going to resonate in space like a sound, and that is the soul.


The soul is the sound sent from the archetype to seek a creative and creative environment. Schematically, we can say that this archetype is projected in space and time and that it awakens as a soul. The soul is, therefore, an archetype prisoner of space and time, which loses the notion of the archetype that it is.

There begins the whole adventure of creation and reincarnation, the whole adventure also of evolution. And it is because of this that all the angels were born, that all the masters grew up, that the whole plan was set up so that this archetype can be found. And this soul which was born from the archetype, when it projects itself into the personality, recognizes the same virtues of creation as those which are in the archetype, and thus the personality can create and needs to create.

This is how man became an artist, a musician, a painter, a father too, because creating a child is an act of art, at least we would like everyone to consider it in this way. And so man became a philosopher and wanted to create with his thought and his mind the whole system of the Gods, the system of life, the values ??and the meaning of life. But to the extent that this personality is more or less aligned with the soul, the creative notions expressed by the soul will be more or less positive or negative.

This is why most of the time I talk about alignment, and why I don’t put so much emphasis on evolution, asking you to be disciples, initiates, chaste, pure etc. We ask them afterwards if you really want to do a job, but to live your life in a sense of freedom, of fulfilment, this is not directly what you need. If you live in twin flames relationship, that’s not what you really want.

Above all, it’s alignment, as I said before. The people live in the periphery, shaken by all the winds from the periphery, while it is necessary to discover the centre and be aligned with the soul. So the soul can create as much as it wants through its personality, and in a positive way, therefore beneficial for the personality itself and all the things related to personal relationship such as finding a >soulmate.

Thus, for example, to quote something entirely material and concrete, man once understood how to build houses, cathedrals, large and very complicated buildings. The personality knew how to align with the soul; the individual received the impulse, the discovery, and wisdom. When then, the man goes back to the outskirts, he necessarily remakes a little bit of anything of his discovery, unless he is constantly in the centre.

The soul is therefore creative, and it expresses its creative power by a plane which is called the mental plane, and which has nothing to do with the intellectual plane, that is to say, the plane where it is believed. The mental plane is, therefore, the creative plane. It is similar to the cosmic plane but diminished, on a human scale.

This substance in which God thought, to create the archetype, also exists in man and is called the mental plane, and when he masters the vibration of the atoms of this plane, his word becomes creative, and it therein lies the power of mantras, invocations, and magic formulas. This, too, is just the power, for example, when Jesus said to the paralytic, “Get up and walk”, or blindly, “Now see.” It is the molecule of the mental plane which vibrates in correspondence with the activities of the embodied personality which creates the bridge, and the power simply radiates.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

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