20 Astounding Witchy Bedroom Decor Items

If you are in search of some ideas which can bring that mysterious and mystic witchy touch to your bedroom, here are some items that will compliment your witchy bedroom décor very well.

1. AMERICA EMPIRE Mountain Shelf Wall Decor 

This is an authentic décor option if you are wishing to give your room a witchy theme. It’s a real wood shelf from America Empire featuring an attractive witchy look. The wood is purely natural with witchy drawings in white. You have multiple shelves to place your skulls, healing stones, charms, and other witchy trinkets. You can even keep your essential oil collection on one of the shelves to make it a complete healing compartment in your room. The shelf is strong enough to hold heavy crystal balls, skulls, and other ornaments simultaneously. We would say that this shelf is a must-have for witchy bedroom décor. You can sit your scented candles and mini plant pots on the mountain shelf and enjoy the true medieval relaxing mood in your bedroom. To add icing to your cake, the shelf has a mini mystery drawer with moon phase drawings and a crystal knob. Your perfect place for witchy secrets!

2. Amlong Crystal Black Meditation Divination Sphere Crystal Ball

Talking of witchy bedroom décor, it is impossible to leave out the crystal balls. Divination spheres and crystal balls have a marked place in the witch world. Our typical cartoon and movie witches are always seen gazing into these mysterious crystal balls and predicting the future. Well, you won’t be able to do the same, but the piece will be a great add on for your witchy bedroom décor. This crystal ball is handmade with a beautiful wooden stand. The almost opaque black crystal not only adds to the bold décor but is also authentic for meditation and divination. Gazing in the clear quartz crystal helps you to focus, relax and meditate. The black crystal ball is symbolic of protection and reflecting away the negative energy. Keeping it in your bedroom will create a nice witchy yet mitigating environment.

3. Likiyol Pack of 3 Tarot Tapestries

These tarot card tapestries will adorn your walls and augment the classic style of witchy bedroom décor. Tarot cards were used in ancient times for board games and are associated with the magic world with each card having different powers and meanings. These tapestries illustrate the three tarot cards; the sun, the moon, and the star.  Each illustration is printed in HD quality with a unique design. The black and white color combination adds to the witchy look. The material is 100% pure cotton linen of durable quality. Each tapestry has a couple of rustproof grommets to easily hang them anywhere in your bedroom. Comes with seamless nails for hanging your tapestries without damaging the paints and walls. Each tapestry is available in three size options; 16 x 20 inches, 11.8 x 15.7 inches and19.6 x 23.6 inches. This set of three tapestries will be a handsome choice for your witchy bedroom décor.

4. HVEST Witch Tapestry 

Here is another tapestry for a witchy bedroom décor. This super cool and aesthetic tapestry can be used as a wall hanging as well as a bed throw, table cover or sofa cover. Place it anywhere in your room and add a witchy glamor to your surroundings. Available in four size offerings; 51W x 59L Inches (130cm x 150cm), 40W x 60L Inches (100cm x 150cm), 60W x 80L Inches (150cm x 200cm) and 70.9W x 92.5L Inches (180cm x 235cm). Choose the best dimensions according to your room and requirement. Made of a high-quality polyester blend fabric. The tapestry is machine washable and quick dry. Illustrations include a bohemian crescent amongst tiny stars and a broomstick halfway across the length. The color is durable and does not fade away easily. Can be washed or wiped for quick cleaning. You can even iron the fabric without any damage to get a brand-new tapestry and keep your witchy bedroom décor fresh.

5. Likiyol Sun and Moon Tapestry

Here is another tapestry from likiyol which will perfectly complement a witchy bedroom décor. The tapestry features medieval illustrations like the sun and symbols for creating a mystical image. The tapestry will spice up your witchy bedroom décor and will catch lots of eyes. The burning sun tapestry is made of supreme quality polyester with vibrant printing.  The detailing is very fine and covers most of the surface. It can add a rich witchy touch to your room walls. The tapestry can also make a good gift for a friend looking forward to a witchy bedroom décor. Four-dimension choices are available according to your preferences. You can hand wash or machine wash it with a mild detergent. Hang this tapestry to the back wall of your bed and create an enigmatic witchy environment.

6. Pot Set of 3 Artificial Succulents in Plant Pots

Finding some mystic add-ons for your witchy bedroom décor? Well, look into these little artificial succulent plant pots. These fake potted plants come in a metal tin with a gravel layer inside and a luxurious gunmetal finish giving them a strong impression. The set includes three pots with different fake plants with soft, spiky, fleshy leaves in warm colors. The plant texture is very realistic and will adorn your room where ever you place them. Best for sitting on study tables, side tables, or window sills. The gothic white illustrations on graphite black pots make them an ideal trimming for your witchy bedroom décor. The plant pot set comes in an enchanting box designed like an ancient book making it a perfect housewarming gift. All pieces are well-packed in separate box compartments for safe transport.

7. CraftsOfEgypt Genie Blown Glass Miniature Perfume Bottles

For having a perfect witchy bedroom décor don’t forget to add little witchy trinkets to your dresser mirror. Get these genies blown miniature perfume bottles and place them on your dresser to create a genuine mystic look. You can choose sets of 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 50 bottles to keep in your bedroom. Every design is unique and carefully crafted by hand. Made in Egypt by skillful mouth-blowing techniques. The bottles have a luxurious, rich design and are sure to catch the eyes. All bottles are made of glass and come in multi-colors. Every design is better than the other making you wish to buy it all. These miniature bottles are not limited to decor only but are practical for cosmetic use as well. Keep your essential oils or DIY perfumes in these mini bottles and enjoy the witchy living.  Don’t miss this unique idea for your witchy room décor.

8. Amlong Crystal 3 inch (80mm) Clear Crystal Ball

Here is another divination crystal ball for witchy bedroom decors. This crystal ball is handmade and flawless. Finely polished, free from impurities, and k9 quality makes it worth the price. You can spice up your bedroom décor by placing this crystal ball on a study table, center table, or a shelf. The ball is securely mounted on a deluxe redwood lion resin stand. The crystal serves both for the décor and meditation purposes. Gazing into the clear crystal helps in mediation and relaxing. The carvings on the wood stand marvelously complement witchy bedroom decors. Various color choices are available for you including the simple clear ball to the colored ones like aqua, amber, green, pink, black, purple, red, and yellow. Choose any color which contrasts best with your bedroom theme.  The crystal ball comes in a giftable box with interior silk clothing. It can make a valuable gift for a friend working on witchy bedroom décor.

9. Occult Gold and Black Prints

Bare walls are boring. Get these super cool and aesthetic wall prints to enliven your witchy bedroom décor idea. This is a set of six wall art prints themed on medieval symbols and feature gothic designs. All prints come on a high-quality canvas material with dimensions of 8 x 0.1 x 10 inches for each piece. You can directly mount or frame them to blow life in your bedroom walls. With a black background, all prints are done in striking golden ink and all designs are equally attractive. You are sure to receive compliments on your witchy bedroom décor with these art prints. Gift them to a friend or mount them in your dorm room. They are going to look cool anywhere.

10. MFGNEH Hocus Pocus Pillow Covers

When it comes to bedroom décor cushions are a good possibility for complementing your theme. For a witchy bedroom décor here are some cushion covers which will pep up your surroundings. This is a set of four super cool witch-themed cushion covers for your bed or couch. All covers have a textured dull grey fabric with witchy illustrations in vibrant black. The fabric is smell free and safe for children and pets. The cover size is 18×18 inches/45×45 and they have invisible stitched zippers. The fabric material is a comfy cotton linen. An alternate color option is also available with black covers in white printing. Create a comfy witchy corner in your bedroom with these cushion covers.

11. CiyvoLyeen Halloween Witches Gnomes Decorations Set Shelf Sitters

Here is a super-cute and adorable ornament for your witchy bedroom décor. This is a set of mini shelf sitters perfect for your side table, dresser, study table, or bookshelves. They are themed with a blend of witches, gnomes, elves, and dwarfs making them ideal for witchy bedroom décor. The set has one mini wizard and one witch genome.  The detailing on these miniatures is wonderful.  They wear witches’ hats and sparkling cloaks with broomsticks and bats. Each witch genome is 12.2 inches tall and is made of a soft and delicate felt fabric. The grey beard and hair are made from faux fur with lace and ribbon detailing. Very lightweight but stable to stand on their own. They can make an adorable Halloween gift as well. To add something cute while keeping on the witchy side choose this set to complete your witchy bedroom décor.

12. New Age Imports Inc. Altar Bell with Pentagram Design

Your childhood witches traditionally had bells to summon their spirits and we had seen many such bells sitting beside the fortune teller.  You can also add this bell to your center table to complete your witchy bedroom décor. The bel is made of high-quality silver-plated metal with a solid weight. The pentagram symbol is engraved on the bell to give a more gothic appearance. This pentagram design bell stands three inches tall and will be an exceptional add-on to your witchy bedroom décor.

13. Alchemy Triple Moon Trinket Dish and Candle Holder

Witchcraft and candles have a close association. Don’t miss out on this triple moon candle holder for your witchy bedroom décor. Create a spell in your bedroom by placing candles in this trinket dish.  For all Wiccan loving people out there, this little ornament will excite their surroundings. The candle holder comes in a high-quality resin hand finish with an antique silver effect. Placing candles all around the place in these holders will generate a true medieval sensation in your bedroom. The candle holder measures 1.46 x 6.5 inches and weighs 8.8 Ounces. You can keep your favorite scented candles in these holders and enjoy the Wiccan candlelight effect with your favorite smells filling the air. The alchemy candle holder is a lavish ornament for witchy bedroom decors.

14. YUFENG Restoring Ancient Ways Hollow-Out Rattan Flower Perfume Bottle

For all Wiccan lovers out there here is a little opulently designed perfume bottle to complete their witchy bedroom décor. The perfume container has a potion bottle inspired design. You can bring the bottle in handy for storing your essential oils, toners, lotion, and scents while keeping to the witch theme of your bedroom. The bottle is made of a high-quality light purple glass. The stopper has a butterfly and flower pattern with tiny pearls and beads for detail. A delicate round crystal serves as the stopper. The bottle is refillable measuring 1.6 x 3.1Inches. and has a capacity of thirty millimeters. The bottle is purely handmade and comes in fine giftable packaging. Your witchy bedroom décor would be incomplete with this magnificent looking perfume bottle sitting on your dresser.  

15. HOZZQ DIY 3D Decorative Scary Bats Wall Sticker

These 3D bat wall stickers will fill up the boredom in your bedroom and will assist in perfect witchy bedroom décor. This is a set of twenty-eight stickers with 3D bats of four different sizes including 30cm x 7.5cm/each 8 big bats, 20cm x 5cm/each x 8 medium bats, 12cm x 3cm/each x 8 small bats and 8cm x 2cm/each x 4 small bats. You can arrange them in symmetric patterns to create a scary and cool effect. All stickers are jet black in color. Each mini bat is well shaped and curved for a realistic 3D appearance. Stickers are packed flat and you can curve them in different wing angles as you wish. Your witchy bedroom décor will become fun and you will enjoy DIY these little black bats. You can stick them to walls as well as doors, cupboards, glass, and tiles. Does not damage walls after peeling off. The waterproof PVC material is long-lasting and easy to dust.  For witchy bedroom decors, these Bat stickers are a fitting investment.

16. Pentacle Altar Tile with 5 Pentacle Corners

Here is another gothic candle holder for tealight candles. This altar tile candle holder will liven up the Wiccan atmosphere and commend the witchy bedroom décor. The tile is made of heavy metal with a rustic ancient finish to give a realistic medieval touch. The candle holder is shaped in the famous pentacle symbol with a star symbolizing the earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. There are five smaller pentacles at each corner to hold your candles. You also get five white tealight candles with the altar tile. You can place it anywhere in your bedroom and light your favorite scented candles in each of the five corners. Enjoy the Wiccan atmosphere with dim candle lights and sweet scents in your bedroom. Your witchy bedroom décor will be highlighted with this candle holder. The holder tile measures approximately seven inches in diameter and weighs about 1.1 pounds.

17. AMERICA EMPIRE Meditation Triangle Shelf for Crystals

For all Wiccan theme lovers here is another shelf with witchy details. This meditation triangular shelf is a just investment in your witchy bedroom décor. The shelf is quite big and will be noticed and admired by all those who visit your bedroom. There are multiple compartments for holding your trinkets. There is an inverted triangular compartment in the center for your crystal sphere and a taller compartment for your essential oil collection and scents and potions. You can display your relaxing stones in smaller compartments and even you can sit a mini plant pot on it. The shelf is made of real natural wood of supreme quality. There are multiple hooks at the bottom to hand your charms and ornaments. Detailing includes moon phases printed on the lower side.  You can keep all your meditation and divination essentials on this shelf including healing stones, crystal balls, scents and potions, minerals, stones, and herbs. The hooks can serve to hang a dream catcher as well. This will be a multi-purpose Wiccan article to add to your witchy bedroom décor.

18. Moslion Throw Pillow Cover Witchcraft

Cushions are essential for a complete and comfy bedroom. If you are thinking forward to a witchy bedroom décor then you must look into this super-cool, comfy, and witchy cushion cover. Adding one such cushion to your couch or bed will nicely complement the Wiccan theme. The cushion cover is available at a very reasonable price and has a trendy witch-themed print. All sorts of witchcraft and medieval symbols and illustrations are imprinted in vibrant ink on a jet-black background. The material is 100% cotton linen with a comfy feel. The cover is handmade with a durable in-stitched invisible zipper. Easy to peel off and wash. This cushion cover can make a pleasant gift for a friend who is planning a witchy bedroom décor.

19. SICOHOME Treasure Box, Tarot Cards Box for Trinkets

Looking forward to a witchy bedroom décor? Don’t forget to get this trinket box to accommodate all your Wiccan collection. This box is made of real wood and is spacious enough to hold many of your trinkets. You can keep tarot cards inside it or use it as a jewelry box or memory box. Keeping scents, potions and essential oils in it will also be a cool idea. Comes with an ancient designed latch and a free Eiffel tower keychain. The antique metal detailing on the corners gives this box a mystical look and perfect for a witchy bedroom décor theme. Having it on your dresser or side table will spice up the Wiccan theme and also organize your essentials. The box is also available in a copper design with leather straps and beautiful carvings. The box measures 5.9 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches and weighs 8.4 ounces.  

20. Witch Calendar 2021

When going for a witchy bedroom décor why not customize the very important bedroom essential with a Wiccan theme as well. Yes, we are talking about the calendars. This new year dress up your room with all things witchy. This paperback wall calendar also makes an excellent gift for a Wiccan. The calendar includes a high-quality paperback monthly planner as well. Each new month has a new surprise with a new witchcraft illustration. All pictures are highly glamorous and aesthetic. The calendar will catch many eyes and also keep your witchy décor alive throughout the year.  

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